HUGE: Electronics GIANT Has Big News For America…

HUGE: Electronics GIANT Has Big News For America…

Technology giant Samsung Electronics Co. has announced that they are planning to increase manufacturing in the United States by opening another production plant.

If this isn’t indicative of Trump’s ability to use his business savvy to convince the leaders of large corporations and businesses to expand in America and create new jobs, I don’t know what is. His first two months have been spectacular for the economy, if absolutely nothing else. You have to respect that, I don’t care who you are.

This helps people on both sides of the aisle.


From Western Journalism:

Knowledgeable sources have stated that South Korea-based Samsung Electronics Co. has announced plans to increase manufacturing in the U.S. by opening a new production facility.

Samsung’s decision reportedly was prompted by President Donald Trump’s campaign promise that, if elected, he would strive to bring overseas jobs to America. Trump has been critical of large companies that manufacture abroad for U.S. consumers, and has threatened to impose import taxes.

The Samsung expansion could mean an initial $300 million investment as well as the creation of approximately 500 new jobs.

According to sources, upon completion of the expansion, the U.S. will join Mexico in producing ovens for Samsung.

Talks are ongoing and a final location for the factory has not been chosen.

The expansion could eventually lead to an increase in production to include other major appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators.

I don’t care what political affiliation you claim, this is amazing news for everyone. Trump’s dedication to bringing jobs to America and putting citizens back to work is proving to be one of his most important tasks. If you weren’t a fan before, I’m sure even you are nodding your head in approval.

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