Hypocrisy Alert: PBS’ Mark Shields Pathetically ‘Shames’ Trump for Daring to Ridicule Chuck Schumer

Hypocrisy Alert: PBS’ Mark Shields Pathetically ‘Shames’ Trump for Daring to Ridicule Chuck Schumer

On Friday’s week-in-review segment on PBS, every host and guest was piling on Donald Trump. These people consisted of anchor Judy Woodruff, liberal analyst Mark Shields and pseudo-conservative David Brooks. They ridiculed Trump as childish for calling out Sen. Charles Schumer as the “head clown” of the Democratic Party. Shields self-righteously claimed that Chuck Schumer was short of a God and that Donald Trump would have to be insane to make Schumer an enemy.


First, Shields insisted Trump is resisting every historical tradition in having thank-you rallies for “self-gratification” and mocking his defeated opponent. Not that those opponents – including the tapxayer-funded ones on “news” programs – ever pass on any chance of disparaging him:

Here is Woodruff talking about how Schumer was called a clown:

“And, yesterday, David, in conjunction with this, he tweeted another criticism, I guess, of the Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer. He called him the head clown in talking about the way the Democrats are handling Obama. I did interview the vice president yesterday, who looked right into the camera and said, “grow up, Donald.” You know, is that the kind of comment that’s likely to make a difference, do you think?”

“So, when he calls Chuck Schumer the head clown, Mark, we just ignore it?”

And here is where Mark Shields comes in:

“Judy, what does it help? How does it possibly help? He’s going to need Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer is a proud and able and dedicated and skillful leader, and you don’t want him as an opponent. You don’t want him as a sworn adversary. And he’s a formidable figure legislatively. Why do it? It’s gratuitous.”


Yeah. This is the same hypocrite that agreed Ted Cruz and his dad, evangelical minister Rafael Cruz, were “dark and satanic.”

Also the same Mark Shields that mocked Republicans as clowns on foreign policy:

“Scott Walker, who is a governor of Wisconsin, whose idea of foreign policy is beat Ohio State, and Chris Christie, whose trips to Chinatown and Little Italy have qualified him for foreign policy.”

All partisan, all hacks.

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