Iranian actress boycotting Oscars because of Donald Trump’s proposal

Iranian actress boycotting Oscars because of Donald Trump’s proposal


Donald Trump has made good on his promise to ban visas from seven countries where he deems the terrorist threat too severe. This includes most notably the refugees from countries ripped apart by war. Syrian refugees, children and families from Aleppo will no longer be allowed any opportunity to come to America. These are victims of the threats we are fighting, but apparently even though they are victims they are still too much of a threat.

There will be no vetting process, because there will be no individuals allowed into the country.

People everywhere seem horrified over this concept. We are our brother’s keeper are we not? We are humans first are we not? Many are confused. Are not the right wing Americans supposed to be more religious? Don’t they believe that we should serve our fellow man? Weren’t they given a commission by Christ himself to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and house the homeless?? Do they not identify as God fearing women and men who believe we are all created by God and in His image?


And yet, this is the party that will no longer allow individuals from war torn countries to find refuge in our nation.

And this Iranian actress is speaking out about the ban.

Is she right? Should people be speaking out about the ban and how?

Because I for one, as a conservative woman, feel like this action does not depict our party or what we stand for.

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