Jeb Bush DECLINES Invitation To Attend Trump’s Inauguration – He’s Special

Jeb Bush DECLINES Invitation To Attend Trump’s Inauguration – He’s Special


Donald Trump was elected to be the next President of the United States of America. But if we are being honest here, the biggest battles are still in front of him. An election that was expected to roll him over has put him at the top and he is going to be inaugurated in just two short weeks.

But where does that leave his adamant opponents? His inauguration has turned into the most unpopular place to be for many Americans. It has been nearly impossible to find people who will perform at the ordeal. And many are backing out of even attending.

Which brings us to Jeb Bush.

Although I viewed Jeb Bush as a worn out symbol of the past, I gained respect for him throughout the election. Frankly, I dislike Donald Trump. I did not like the immaturity he displayed when handling opposition in debates, I hated his reference to women (I don’t care if it is locker room talk…. he published and recorded it, and frankly I was raised to believe in respect) and I felt he was prideful and arrogant.

The fact that Jeb did not fold to pressure to endorse Trump impressed me. Hate me for it if you’d like, but I wrote in a name on the ballot. Feeling like, as a Conservative, I could never vote for Hillary Clinton, but also feeling like I could not support Trump

But today, Donald Trump is my future President.

And I will respect him, because when I do that, I respect my country and my political party.

Jeb Bush, however, refuses to do that. He will not attend the inauguration of Donald Trump. He has not said what his reasoning is, but he has sent a pretty clear message to the world and to the Republican Party.

Don’t worry Jeb, we got the message.


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