Judge Wears An Anti-Trump Vagina Hat IN COURT!

by Cassy Fiano | August 28, 2017 6:42 pm

There are legitimate criticisms of Donald Trump to be made, but liberals never go that route. Instead, being the attention-starved, narcissistic whiners that they are, they create spectacles that inflame tensions, have no discernible goal and accomplish nothing. A prime example was the Women’s March on Washington — and the accompanying “pussy hats” that the so-called feminists wore. One woman, a judge, even went so far as to wear one in court[1].


Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhart wore a pussy — or cat ear — hat while in court, the hats worn by modern feminists as a means of protesting Donald Trump. While some praised Eckhart for the statement, there was also massive criticism leveled towards her. Many thought that it was inappropriate, given her position as a judge, but media said that “multiple county departments” found the hat acceptable.

This, unsurprisingly, was not a satisfactory response for many, who took to social media to speak out.

“I understand that judges are people but they are supposed to be impartial and nonpolitical in the courtroom! She should be removed, recalled or suspended!” one person wrote on Facebook. “I think I would request to decline serving on the jury as long as the judge wore it because it distracts the jury from the serious nature of the courtroom,” another person said. “I would be unable to concentrate on any serious ruling by the judge, thus causing the case to be thrown out for undue influence on the jury by the judge. Because she, apparently, cannot control her views of men or women in the court.”

Eckhart is also not a typical judge, some pointed out. The position of county judge is an elected position and the county judge oversees the commissioners court, making them the de facto head of the county government and county commissioners. And it is this position that made people feel that her stunt was unacceptable.

“She has a right to have her views (opposite of mine) but can’t she just do her job and leave whatever politics outside the door?” one reader commented. “Women fight for the right to be equal, but when they do this makes them look foolish and ridiculous.”

Do you think she has the right to wear this kind of hat in court?

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