Just Days After Black Leaders Meet Trump In Oval Office, Look Who ATTACKS Them In WORST Way

by Lisa Smith | March 3, 2017 4:24 pm

A very baffled Howard[1] University President, Wayne A.I. Frederick, recently returned home to a destroyed/vandalized university with hate messages scrawled all over the campus accusing him of being the “overseer” of “Trump plantation.” All of this occurred over Frederick’s attendance of a White House meeting with President Donald Trump.

“Wayne Frederic doesn’t care about black people,” one of the messages, found spray-painted on the grounds of Howard University, accused. You would think this prominent black college located in Washington, D.C., would have a bit more class than this.

2017-03-03 12_56_41-Black University President Met With Racist Graffiti Following Meeting With Trump[2]

Whoever scribbled these messages found it perfectly unacceptable that Fredrick had attended a White House meeting with the president and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Monday.

Fredrick was one of the numerous leaders to attend the signing of Trump’s executive order promoting excellence and innovation at historically black colleges and universities.

2017-03-03 12_57_06-Black University President Met With Racist Graffiti Following Meeting With Trump[3]

2017-03-03 12_57_36-Black University President Met With Racist Graffiti Following Meeting With Trump[4]

The executive order aims to “strengthen the capacity of HBCUs to provide the highest-quality education” in an effort to “increase the number of college-educated Americans who feel empowered and able to advance the common good at home and abroad.”

No matter the potential benefits HBCUs have to gain from it, the initiative was deemed unacceptable by the vandals for the sole reason that it was signed with Trump’s signature.

“HBCU Initiative? … Not on my watch!” wrote one message spray-painted on Howard University’s campus.

Many students of Howard University thought the messages crossed the line.

“I see the students’ need to protest, but this is just clear vandalism,” sophomore Francisco Joseph mentioned to DCist. “I’m never about slandering people—this went a little bit too far.”

Taylor Washington told another sophomore at Howard: “He’s in a tough position. Some students feel strongly that Frederick should take a stance against Trump, but I feel as if they’re taking the wrong route.”

Washington immediately took offense to the message, accusing the university president of being Trump’s “overseer.”

“I just feel like it’s a little dramatic,” she stated, later adding that she considered it an insult to the African-American community as a whole.

I’m thinking these people need some tampons passed out, or maybe Midol? Talk about a HUGE overreaction over something that was meant to benefit the community. Should we have expected these libtards to act any differently, though?

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