This Just Might Be One Of The Trump Administration’s BIGGEST Challenges

This Just Might Be One Of The Trump Administration’s BIGGEST Challenges

I have always admired Allen West. He is one of the smartest, bravest men I know. The article he just wrote on what Trump should do and why things are the way they are because of Obama’s actions is spot on. West points out that there are three pillars to security: energy, economic and national. Exactly right. If Trump can harness all three, he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents in our history.

The largest oil find in US history was just discovered in Texas. The Keystone pipeline will help the US tremendously transport oil as well. Reopening coal plants and rehiring Americans who lost their jobs due to Obama closing everything down is on the to-do list. All of this will make America energy self-sufficient, which will not only make us prosperous, but far more secure at home. This is part of strengthening the economy and it looks like Trump is going to address this solidly.


From Allen West:

As Barack Obama traipses through Europe patting himself on the back and chiming that the Iranian nuclear agreement is working, Iran is advancing itself in the key strategic area of energy security. And what we must come to recognize is that with the growing alliance between Russia and Iran, we could be looking at a global monopoly of oil and gas resources.

And you want to know why China is cozying up to these two nations, and inserting themselves into the Middle East as well? Sadly, the Obama administration has been playing a really bad game of checkers, while others are kicking his tail all over the chess board. And trust me, Russia, Iran, and China are more than happy to have Obama crushing our own energy resources all for his ideological bent on “green energy.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, climate change is the number one threat to the world, and air conditioning is more of a threat than ISIS. It’s this kind of deranged prioritization that is allowing Russia and Iran’s advance.

And it’s why Obama’s decision to completely withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq didn’t just give us ISIS…it has also created an opportunity for Iran.

Now, we come to national security and West sees it exactly the way I do. Thus, my never-ending affinity for the guy. Obama withdrawing from Iraq allowed for the rise of ISIS. Iran has inserted itself into Iraq and now basically controls the country. Not good. Between Iran and Iraq, their oil supplies are as big as Saudi Arabia’s.

Then you have Russia, who has cuddled up to the Mullahs and allied themselves with Iran. Between Russia and Iran, they control the majority of oil and gas pipelines in Europe now. Control the energy, control the people. China is now allying with Iran and Russia as well. This is the New Axis of Evil I have repeatedly written on now for a couple of years. It is a very dangerous alliance and all of them are very much our enemies.

For Trump to win at national security, he must tear up the Iran deal. Not go back to the negotiating table. Tear. It. Up. We must reassert out leadership in the Middle East and shrink Tehran’s sphere of influence. Cut off the money to them while we are at it. We are facing down a global monopoly of oil and gas resources by the New Axis of Evil. We must once again treat Russia and China as enemies of the US, because they are. As West points out, with a solid national security team that is experienced, focused, principled and trusted… all of this can be done.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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