KARMA! Anti-Trump Activist Backflips… ONTO HIS OWN FACE, After Calling a Supporter a ‘Fat B****’

by Cassy Fiano | April 1, 2016 7:12 am

A crazy man made a fool of himself at a Trump rally in Wisconsin. After swearing at Trump supporters and screaming nonsensically, he attempted a backflip… with painful results.

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From the Daily Mail:

While Donald Trump certainly knows how to grab a headline, it seems these days that his supporters garner almost as much attention with bizarre and often violent displays at his rallies.

But this time an anti-Trump protester is taking up the limelight after being recorded ranting at a woman during a campaign event before trying to do a backflip and landing on his own face.

The man, who has not been identified, was filmed freaking out in front of Trump supporters in Janesville, Wisconsin, when the amusing incident took place.

… As the footage starts, he shouts: ‘You all come out here and wait in line, “yeah, yeah, yeah” and there’s nothing.’

Surrounded by news cameras the man pauses as the supporters shout back at him before one woman can be heard asking: ‘What are you smoking?’

Becoming near-hysterical, while pacing back and forth, the man replied: ‘I’m smoking pot, that’s what I’m smoking lady. I’m smoking the green, I’m smoking the herb.

‘Is that what you think, I’m on drugs because I hate this fascist p***? F*** you, fat b****.’

Seeming to realize he is being filmed while abusing the woman, he then turns to the camera, waving his arms and continuing to shout.

Speaking directly into the lens, he says: ‘I just gave you what you wanted, I just gave you all what you wanted, it’s a f***ing circus everybody, look!’

At that point he begins jumping up and down while people watching can he heard saying ‘look at the monkey, look’.

His humiliation is complete a few moments later when he attempts a backflip only to land on his head with a painful sounding crack against the concrete.

Jumping back to his feet, he claims, rather unconvincingly: ‘I did that on purpose. It’s all a f***ing show here.’

Don’t go feeling too bad for the Trump supporters, though. This guy may have been rude, but he didn’t hurt anyone — meanwhile, at this same rally, a Trump supporter pepper-sprayed a 15 year-old girl in the face after saying she was sexually assaulted.

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