Kelleyanne Opens Can Of WHOOP On Jake Tapper After His Attempt To SILENCE Her! VIDEO

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 5, 2016 3:00 pm

Kellyanne Conway started out[1] with Ted Cruz and then went to Donald Trump. She is a seasoned, savvy politico, who can handle herself expertly in front of the media. You see that here with Jake Tapper. Tapper is one of the few media guys that I like… periodically. I think he is wrong here and it looks like he’s just trying to score points off of Conway and Trump. Kellyanne didn’t flinch and didn’t back down for a second. That’s one tough woman.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, when Trump claimed there were possibly millions of illegal alien and refugee votes out there, I believe he could very well be right. Numerous sources now cite somewhere between 880,000 and 3 million illegal votes. The Left keeps hammering Trump and Conway on this and they aren’t backing off it. I don’t see why they should. True, there is no solid evidence of it. Except for illegal immigrants arrested while voting and by logic itself… anyone with two functioning brain cells can figure out that the illegal aliens flooding this country are going to try and vote for whoever will support them and keep the freebies coming.


From the Independent Review Journal:

It must be vindictively fun to be Kellyanne Conway, these days.

Think about it. Conway — the first woman in history[3] to head a successful presidential campaign — was skewered by the “mainstream media” for months over Donald Trump’s behavior. They mocked and ridiculed him. She defended him vociferously.

Then Trump won. Against “impossible” odds. How much fun must that be?

Enter, stage left: CNN anchor Jake Tapper. During a forum discussion, Tapper questioned Conway on whether Trump’s use of Twitter represents “presidential behavior[4],” using Trump’s recent, evidence-free claim that “millions of people voted illegally[5]” as an example.

After dismissing Tapper’s assertion with “he’s the president-elect, so that’s presidential behavior,” Conway upped the “presidential” ante.

“Are you actually comparing what Bill Clinton did in the Oval Office to a Twitter feed?”

She then suggested that perhaps they should revisit Clinton’s presidential behavior for people who weren’t yet born when he was in office. It went downhill from there.

As for Trump’s Twitter account, at times he is over the top. But it’s HIS twitter account and no one but Trump should have the right to say what he does and what he doesn’t need to put out there. Whether it is presidential or not is a matter of personal opinion. Trump’s social media gets him around the press, which is why they keep screaming about it. Comparing anything Trump does right now with Bill Clinton is just asinine.

The media reminds me of a bunch of vultures who are just waiting for someone to fall to the ground so they can feast on him, dead or alive. They are nitpicking at small stuff and not focusing on anything of importance. Whatever happened to real journalism? Yes, they should keep Trump honest, but nagging him about his Twitter account isn’t going to do that and incessantly insinuating he’s a liar isn’t either. Kellyanne Conway is more than capable of dancing with the big boys and I think that Jake Tapper just found that out the hard way.

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