KELLYANNE destroys CNN anchor melting down over “Russian Hacker” bogeyman [VIDEO]

KELLYANNE destroys CNN anchor melting down over “Russian Hacker” bogeyman [VIDEO]

Chris Cuomo on CNN got into it with Kellyanne Conway over the Russian hacking debate. In my estimation, she wiped the floor with the idiot. I can’t believe how she has to keep explaining this to the left. I’ll be blunt yet again… the Russians and the Chinese have been messing in American affairs and politics for a very long time… decades. I absolutely believe they got a hold of the DNC emails, but they did not hack the election. There is a huge difference and they keep deliberately blurring it. Hillary lost because she sucked, not because of the Russians.

I don’t view this subject quite like either side here. I view the Russians as a stone cold enemy of the US. But you can’t blame them for the Hildabeast losing to Donald Trump. Yep, I know that the intelligence agencies are now coming out and saying they have emails showing Russian leaders slapping each other on the back, claiming they got Trump elected. That may or may not be accurate. I believe that Trump is trying to deal with the Russians in a business-like manner and things are not exactly as they seem. They never are. On the other hand, I think that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are Russian tools. Assange claims he didn’t get the emails ‘directly’ from the Russians. Nuance y’all.


From Mediaite:

In a meaty interview that raged on for the better part of twenty minutes this morning, CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo sparred with Kellyanne Conway of the Trump campaign on a wide variety of controversies, foremost of which has been the President-elect’s willingness to seemingly discredit our own intelligence community.

The senior Trump advisor took issue with the fact that talk of the “alleged” Russian hacking (as she puts it) is being conflated with why Hillary Clinton lost, a claim that Conway put at the feet of CNN itself. “Your network is doing it constantly,” she told Cuomo. At times, two continued to spar even over the basic premise of questions asked due to Conway’s effective filibustering.

“I’ll ask you a third time!” Cuomo said at one point about the October joint report from the Homeland Security Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence: did the intelligence community announce its findings of Russian involvement, yes or no?

Kellyanne can more than hold her own against the likes of Cuomo. And she’s not going to be baited into admitting some kind of love for or relationship with the Russians. I think Trump is wrong on Assange and I think he is naive concerning the Russians, but I don’t think he’s an extension of the Kremlin. Give it a rest already. I would want to see solid, concrete proof of Russian involvement if I were Conway or Trump. That only makes sense here.

The only reason this is happening now is sheer politics on the left. This is nothing new for the Russians… the left could have nailed them on much worse long ago. But because they are trying to smear Trump and delegitimize his presidency, they are using it as a weapon. They don’t care whether it is true or not… they are grasping at straws here to stop Trump and it won’t work. Kellyanne Conway is a perfect example of the tenacity of the Trump team… poke that badger and you are likely to get savaged. Cuomo came close to accusing Trump of treason and that isn’t going to go unchecked. Sic em Kellyanne!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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