Less Than A Week Into The Presidency Trump Delivers Major Blow To The EPA!

Less Than A Week Into The Presidency Trump Delivers Major Blow To The EPA!

I can’t think of one person who actually likes the EPA. Their entire existence is dedicated to making life more difficult for people who need to interact with the environment. (The same thing could be said of the entire government, minus the environment nonsense.)

Thankfully, President Trump plans to do something about their silliness and hopefully get them off the back of the American people.


So, how is Trump going to make it harder for the Environmental Protection Agency to harass Americans who are just trying to live their lives?

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By significantly reducing their budget, of course.

Matt Vespa from Townhall reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency is facing a projected $800 million in budget cuts, as their facelift from the Trump administration continues. The White House has all but issued a gag order on the EPA regarding social media posts, blogs, and press releases. Needless to say, this seems to be the first steps in reining in the agency that has waged war on Middle America and introduced endless pages of regulations that has hurt American coal workers (via The Hill):

The Trump administration’s transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning major budget cuts, as well as regulatory and scientific overhauls at the agency, according to a new report.The team’s plan for the EPA identified more than $800 million in planned budget cuts, including to state and tribal assistance grants, climate programs and environmental programs and management, according to Axios.

That will put a huge dent in their ability to hurt the livelihoods of innocent Americans who just want to live. I hope Trump uses a similar tactic with the rest of the unconstitutional government agencies.

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