Liberal Activists RAGE for Trump Impeachment at ‘March for Truth’ [VIDEO]

Liberal Activists RAGE for Trump Impeachment at ‘March for Truth’ [VIDEO]

The progressive “March for Truth” is all about liberal delusion. Thinking that Russia had anything to do with President Donald Trump being elected is something that those who refuse to accept the election results have held onto since November 2016.

Hundreds of these sad, angry little people gathered around the Washington Monument to demand that Trump be impeached for these allegations of wrongdoing, for which they have no proof. Can you be any more desperate?

No, I take that back. I don’t want them to take that as a challenge.

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“Treason” is a strong word to be throwing around, especially when you have no proof, but liberals don’t seem to mind. Like the terms “racism,” “sexism” and “bigotry,” they seem determined to use the words so much that eventually they will mean absolutely nothing. It’s the boy who cried wolf scenario. In fact, I fully believe that by the end of his fourth year in office, Trump could actually commit treason and get away with it because nobody will know the definition of the word and be able to hold him accountable for his actions.

Nevertheless, progressives are determined to get to the bottom of what they believe to be the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election: Russia.

From Breitbart:

Congressman Raskin spoke of Russian President Vladimir Putin leading a global conspiracy to destroy liberal democracy with his own puppets, ranging from President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines to President Trump. He also railed against the American President’s entire agenda as “an act of war” on the American people.

This kind of rhetoric is dangerously divisive, especially because it’s based on emotion and not fact. People are more easy to conquer when they’re divided and we’re seeing an increasingly “me vs. them” style in American politics. This has to end, or I fear that it may very well lead to the end of the American Experiment.

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