Liberal Head Roll When Trump Golfs With Epic Guests Obama Never Invited to Tee-Off

by Margaret M. | January 10, 2018 5:22 pm

Donald Trump shut down his golf course in Mar-A-Lago to show his appreciate for a very special group of Americans, and we don’t mean he was looking to clear the place out to hit the ball with his friend Tiger Woods[1].


We know that Trump’s a great golf player. We know it because of the praise from guys like Tiger and Rush Limbaugh, and we know it because the left goes absolutely bonkers when he take a few hours to play a round at Mar-A-Lago with heads of state.

But this time Trump went too far by shutting down his golf course and inviting members of the Coast Guard to play with him. On Thanksgiving, he invited the Coast Guard to his Florida resort so he and Melania could serve them Thanksgiving dinner[3], but this time around it looks like he took the boys out for a different kind of round.

The invitation was, according to Trump who along with a few other members was wearing a USA branded MAGA hat, to thank them all for their hard work in keeping the country safe.


Since this never made the news, the only comments we seem have are positive ones from conservatives on Twitter.

@motmemes[5] – he sets the new line for class. Graceful man

— Carolyn G, R.N. (@guarino_carolyn) December 30, 2017[6]

LOVE this! As an employee serving an organization, as well as a leader supporting employees… this is a great team building and appreciation experience .. how great for our Coast Guard to hang with their boss to let him show appreciation for their services with a day of fun!

— A.???????????? (@abschoe) December 29, 2017[7]

When liberals aren’t around to comment, things can be so peaceful and supportive on social media!

“It’s an honor to have you on the course,” said Trump who also made sure they were served lunch at the club house.

Last year, as the previous administration winded down by making things difficult for Trump, Obama mused about taking up with a prestigious golf course in Maryland. But, there’s a catch with the Woodmont Country Club, and it’s not just the $80,000 initiation fee and the $9,000 in annual dues. The Club was originally founded by Jews from Washington who were banned from other clubs[8].

And since Barack had declined to veto an anti-Israeli resolution passed at the United Nations, the clubs reportedly isn’t taking this very kindly and have their own tit-for-tat: A large portion of the club’s membership has protested at allowing Obama membership. An official with the club said that any person who joined a club that was expressly built to accommodate Jews who were banned from other clubs would probably not be happy that the most anti-Israeli president in history wanted to tee up alongside. While the official said that the club “skews more Republican than the Jewish community as a whole,” it was the issue of Israel, not of Republicans and Democrats that ticked off the members.

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