Liberal Reporter Tries Tripping Up Trump with Gotcha Question. But He Wasn’t Having It… [VIDEO]

Liberal Reporter Tries Tripping Up Trump with Gotcha Question. But He Wasn’t Having It… [VIDEO]

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but this reporter was way out of line. She comes off as biased and hostile. Trump comported himself as a gentleman through the interview. He finally walked away when she gave him a gotcha question calling him racist and sexist. Frankly, I would have walked away too.

Trump has had his problems, but he’s running for the presidency. The media should treat him with respect as such. I’m sure Trump does want to lower taxes… I just don’t think it’s even close to what Ronald Reagan did as Trump claims, but nevertheless… he wants to lower taxes and Clinton wants to raise them. I think protectionism and tariffs don’t work, but I still think what Trump proposes is better than what Clinton intends. When Clinton walked out on a reporter earlier this week, no one came unglued… but some harpy intent on entrapping Trump gets walked away from and you’d think the world ended. I think what Trump did here was the right thing this time.


From Louder with Crowder:

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First, Trump wasn’t the only one to have walked off an interview this week (see Guilty Much? Hillary Ditches Interview When Asked about Voter Fraud Videos…). Yet, Trump is the only one being blasted for it. The question he was asked (as you’ll see) was a “Gotcha” question about racism and sexism. Hillary was asked about voter fraud. One of these things is not like the other.

Walk off happens at approximately 3:28, but the lead up matters. Watch the whole clip. To the end!

Okay, so first I must comment on the walk off…

That question was leading, meant to be a “GOTCHA, TRUMP! BWHAHAHAHA!” leftist shill moment of “All Republicans are racist” suck.

The trap failed spectacularly and made this so-called journalist look incredibly bad. It was the very definition of a leading question. Trump was actually trying to discuss real issues, but this reporter was having none of it… she wanted soap opera drama and defensiveness. She must have been sooo disappointed. Too bad.

Give credit where credit is due… Trump handled this encounter perfectly. As Steven Crowder astutely put it, “Hillary Clinton should still never be President…” And this is one of the reasons why. The media are simply her propagandist foot soldiers. They are sent out more to destroy than to report. That’s not journalism… it’s called being a hack.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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