Liberals CONFUSED! The LAST Person You’d Expect To Defend Trump, Has Just Defended Trump!

You might want to sit down for this one, because you’re about to receive some genuinely shocking news. Former Vice President Joe Biden has come out and publicly defended President Donald Trump from his Democratic colleagues.

Biden said that Trump should be given a chance and should be given the benefit of the doubt as his Presidency truly begins.

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“He deserves a chance and in fairness to him, this is a man in my view, who understandably like all the press thought, didn’t think he was gonna win.” Biden stated in defense of Trump.

From Western Journalism:

A Democratic “transition team” was in place nine months ahead of the election, Biden said, preparing to smooth the transition to the White House for Hillary Clinton, had she won.

“We knew if we won who we were gonna ask to do A, B, C, and D,” he said. “In fairness to him, I don’t think there was thought to be any necessity to do that.”

As a result, Trump is trying to govern while also trying to assemble his team, Biden said.

“He’s really playing catch-up,” said Biden. “He should be given a chance. It’s too early to judge.”

He continued:

“It’s my hope that this new administration, once they get organized — and I’m not being facetious — that they will work in this fight against cancer. And I pledge I will do whatever I can do to work with this new administration.”

It’s good to see high-profile Democrats actually giving President Trump a chance and being willing to work with him. If only we could get all liberals to think like this.

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