Man Who Predicted Trump’s Primary Win Says THIS About His Chances Of Becoming President

Man Who Predicted Trump’s Primary Win Says THIS About His Chances Of Becoming President

Norman Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, predicted that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would be the last two candidates standing. He then predicted that Trump would win the nomination. The man is on a roll it would seem. But before you get too excited, he also predicts that Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton. There is an 80/20 chance of such a loss. But if there is a major terrorist attack or a financial collapse, the Trumpster could still pull it off. Then he could be the one to take us down. Fun times in the White House and it is going to be one hell of a ride. The winner will be blamed for everything, so enjoy guys!


From BizPac Review:

One of the first people to predict Donald Trump would become the Republican presidential nominee is now predicting the general election.

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Norman Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, told Vox on Friday that he began to taken Trump’s candidacy seriously about a year ago.

He believes Trump’s victory was a rebuke of Republican leadership.

“I believed that its leaders had generated an awful lot of the anger out there,” he told Vox. “And eventually, I combined that with the set of polls that we began to see that showed 60 to 70 percent support for outsiders and insurgents.”

He also predicted Ted Cruz would come in second because voters were angry at the party.

Ornstein’s prediction falls in line with other prognosticators who see Trump’s chances of winning the general election at around 20%. Among them is CNN’s interactive prediction page in which users have given Trump a 19 percent chance of winning. There’s always a chance that Clinton will stroke out… her health has been very iffy. I wouldn’t underestimate Trump… he’s a fighter and a scrapper. I think the outcome is very much up in the air. In my book, it really doesn’t matter… with Clinton, you get a Marxist and with Trump, you get a fascist. I plan on watching it all burn down and then helping to rebuild. It’s all we have left.

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