Martin O’Malley Compares Trump To Hitler, KKK

Martin O’Malley Compares Trump To Hitler, KKK

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley declared with his almighty Twitter account Saturday night that President-elect Donald Trump is an evil man. Right up there with the Nazis and the KKK. Oh, and he also vaguely said that he would “fight.”


…Any hope for a political career continuing in the future, from what it looks like.

Now is not the time for reconciliation. Dietrich Bonhoeffer didn't reconcile with the Nazis. MLK didn't reconcile with the KKK. Now we fight

— Martin O'Malley (@MartinOMalley) January 15, 2017

O’Malley’s tweet is part of this long winded attempt called a Democrat campaign to delegitimize Trump’s win, sabotage his presidency before he even has the opportunity to prove anything as President and encourage anyone who will listen not to accept the results of the election.

Democrat Rep. John Lewis represented his party’s true thoughts perfectly when he said last week that he did not believe that Trump is a “legitimate” president. He shared his thoughts last Friday and explained that it was because the Russians (according to him and so many others who don’t look at facts) rigged the election and rendered the result one-sided and authoritarian. Others tried to quash the Electoral College vote on the grounds of Russian intervention and so-called voter fraud.

The initial reaction to O’Malley’s tweet wasn’t exactly constructive, but it sure was amusing!

Let’s look at another one…

How about this one to top it off…

There are plenty more where these came from. What O’Malley’s plan is, or ‘was’, because he obviously failed, is not clear. Was it a pathetic attempt at a rallying cry? I think that lasted as long as his Presidential bid.

Maybe a bit more come to think of it.

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