Megyn Kelly Shows What She REALLY Thinks of Trump Immediately After Debate [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly Shows What She REALLY Thinks of Trump Immediately After Debate [VIDEO]

After the debate last night, Megyn Kelly showed what she really thinks of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Not much evidently and that struck me as very honest and probably exactly how she feels. She said, “Who won? Hillary? Donald? Certainly not America, judging by what we saw in that ninety minutes and the reaction on social media.” I absolutely agree with that. When this is all done, the loser will be our country and our freedoms. I simply hate this election… it is a crap sandwich.

I don’t view it as cynical… I view it as realistic. I’m sick of the gutter politics and lack of character I see everywhere these days. I don’t recognize many of my fellow Americans or my country anymore. Obama is a big part of this, but so is the election. We allowed two horrible people, not even remotely qualified to lead this nation to become the nominees. One is a corrupt, criminal communist… the other is a nationalist populist with dictator overtones. I realize I’m in the minority… that people hate me writing about this… that I am a virtual piranha for not getting on the Trump train, but that is how I see it.


From Mediaite:

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly took a cynical approach in her immediate reaction to the second 2016 presidential debate, saying regardless of whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump won, the clear loser was America itself.

“Who won? Hillary? Donald? Certainly not America, judging by what we saw in that ninety minutes and the reaction on social media,” she said Sunday.

“At times it was uncomfortable in that room,” she continued. “You can feel the anger between the candidates at times. She accused him of being unfit, of being a liar, saying his campaign is exploding, saying he has run a hateful divisive campaign. He accused her of being the devil, and said she ought to be in jail and she will be if he becomes president of the United States…”

“But she is a fighter and she likes his kids,” Kelly said, mocking the final question. “Those are the two nice things they managed to say about each other in what was a debate unlike any we have seen in U.S. history.

We used to elect leaders we could believe in and be proud of. That doesn’t mean they were saints, but they conducted themselves for the most part as gentlemen, at least in the public eye. We vetted candidates before they ran for office and we did not follow communists and strongmen out of desperation and a thirst for vengeance or in anger.

Megyn Kelly took a bold stance to say what she really thought last night. For that she will be attacked and pilloried. But it is clear she doesn’t care for either side and I’m right there with her on that. This election has forever changed how I see other Americans and has stripped me of blindly believing and following anyone in a leadership role. I still believe in principles and character… and I believe in being a Christian. America seems to have forgotten what all of that means and is quickly being changed forever. America lost last night in multiple ways.

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