Melania Trump Receives Endorsement From Unexpected Source [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | May 7, 2016 12:21 pm

Well, Melania Trump has landed the coveted Playboy’s Playmate of 1997 endorsement…[1] her roommate from 20 years ago has said that Melania will bring glamour back to the White House. That wouldn’t be hard to do after the likes of Michelle Obama. Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt roomed with Melania in Paris when they were young aspiring models 20 years ago. They are close friends and she’s a close friend of Trump’s as well. Silvstedt now hopes that Melania will become first lady of the United States as The Donald has eliminated all of his competition in the Republican party to hopefully secure the nomination for president. You’ve got to give it to The Donald, he only surrounds himself with the prettiest women. That’s one thing he’s got down pat.


From the Daily Mail:

Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt is supporting her former roommate Melania Trump and wants Donald Trump to win the presidential race.

The 41-year-old blonde bombshell told[3] that Melania Trump can ‘bring the glamour back into the White House.’

Silvstedt shared that they were roommates when they were young models living in Paris and that Melania was ‘so cool’ as a roommate.

‘I’m just hoping that [Melania] ends up living in the White House,’ she shared with Silvstedt, who’s modeled for Chanel, Christian Dior, Loris Azzaro, Givenchy, Valentino and Giorgio Armani, thinks Melania has the right potential to move into the White House as first lady. ‘She’s very respectful, classy. America isn’t only about America,’ Silvstedt told ‘She’s a foreigner, and that’s what makes America great. She represents that woman.’ The blonde beauty also thinks that Melania is ‘a very classy dresser’ and is ‘definitely a style icon. She always looks amazing. I know that designers probably already do want to dress her, but I would imagine they’re all going to want to dress her she’s so beautiful and graceful,’ Silvstedt told We may have to install a runway in the White House if Trump gets the nod. Just sayin’. It will be hot and cold running models there. The media, sycophants, paparazzi, star struck and hanger’s on are already lining up for the newest reality TV show: The Presidency.





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