Milo’s Cameraman Assaulted By Protesters Shortly Before Shooting

Milo’s Cameraman Assaulted By Protesters Shortly Before Shooting

New developments are emerging in the case of a shooting outside a Milo Yiannopoulos speech at the University of Washington in Seattle on Friday night. A suspect is in custody following the shooting, which wounded a 32-year old man in the stomach.
Big League Politics has learned that Yiannopoulos, a conservative social and political commentator, suffered an assault on his trusted cameraman less than two hours before the shooting occurred, as left-wing protesters grew violent in their efforts to shut down Milo’s presentation.
That cameraman, Matthew Perdie, told Big League Politics in an exclusive interview that he was attacked by two anti-Milo agitators but continued filming their actions as he was threatened with further assault. Big League Politics has obtained video of the assault on Perdie by two masked men:


“I went out to just get some coverage of the protesters,” Perdie said. “I was holding a camera and had one strapped to my head. The protesters started doing what they could do to block the camera. After about a minute of filming there was a guy shining a flashlight into one of my cameras.”


While Perdie was temporarily blinded by the flashlight, a coordinated effort emerged to physically take him down.

“A big guy in red handkerchief pushes me as hard as he can. I instantly turn around and he charges me and tries to shove me more, but I didn’t fall down completely,” Perdie said. “He kept trying to forcibly push me down. I was keeping my balance,”
Then a second protester swooped in to assist in the attack.
“Another guy came up from behind and just elbowed me in the head,” said Perdie, who refused to be intimidated by their thuggish acts. “Fortunately these protesters didn’t know how to fight.”
“After I was hit, I immediately turn around. A couple of protesters tried to block me. I just went around them and started questioning them, saying, ‘What’s your name?'”
Another protester taunted Perdie, saying, “Do you want to get assaulted again? Do you want to get assaulted again?”
“I wouldn’t back down. I kept asking, ‘What’s your name?’ Of course he wouldn’t tell me.”
The assault occurred at approximately 6:30 PM Pacific, one hour before Milo’s event was set to begin at 7:30.
“The shooting happened about 40 to 45 minutes into Milo’s event, around 8:15,” Perdie said.
Perdie suffered mild bruising on his head and still feels some pain, but he is more interested in the perceived motives behind the vicious assault.
“I think he was trying to intimidate me to prevent me from doing what I do, and reporting on who these people really are,” Perdie said.
“They have to hide behind masks and handkerchiefs because they are afraid of the repercussions of their own actions, even if they say they believe in the cause,” Perdie said.
Perdie reported the incident to police, but law enforcement seemed apathetic, saying that there were multiple incidents that officers had to deal with.
Perdie said that anti-Milo progressive agitators were the ones stoking violent sentiment prior to the shooting.
“I did not see any pro-Milo people that were violent,” Perdie said.
“It wasn’t just me they were assaulting. There was another kid who I believe was pro-Milo. The kid was bruised up and had blue paint on him…All of the assaults came from the protesters. But almost all the local media would say Milo has an event and there was a lot of violence there, but they wouldn’t say where the violence came from.”
“One of the news networks cut to me for a second and a half, and only used me yelling, ‘Police! Police!’ Completely out of context,” he said.
Milo, meanwhile, is un-intimidated, reflecting the unbreakable spirit of his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” crew.
“Milo is not backing down. He doesn’t capitulate to Communist totalitarians,” Perdie said. “He found out (about the shooting) in the middle of his event. As soon as he found out he took a minute offstage to (verify), then he continued, because if he canceled his event he would be encouraging people being shot” by showing that he is weak.
Milo has vaulted to superstardom by puncturing holes in the arguments used by left-wing Social Justice Warriors, who seek to suppress free speech in service of a vaguely defined jihad against racism, sexism, homophobia, and other alleged social ills. Milo’s tour continues apace, with no cancellations stemming from the shooting.
Here is another angle of the Perdie assault:

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