Mob Of AMERICANS Gather Outside London’s U.S. Embassy In Anti-Trump PROTEST! VIDEO

Mob Of AMERICANS Gather Outside London’s U.S. Embassy In Anti-Trump PROTEST! VIDEO

A small group of about 60 protesters in London protested outside the US Embassy last night. This happened while thousands protested in the US… some violently. Five people were shot in Seattle last night during one of these anti-Trump protests. It’s the same old group of communists, anarchists and radicals doing this crap. And if I hear, “Hey, Hey, he’s got to go!” one more freaking time, I’m going to ralph. You people seriously need some new material. What a lame protest and absolutely pointless.

What you don’t read about is the overwhelming majority of Brits who are thrilled with Trump being elected. Or that the Australians are happy about it. Or that Israel is relieved and smiling over it. Nope… you get a bunch of rowdy losers who are themselves racist haters and they make the news. Predictable. Oh, and bonus! They blame it on old white people. Nice.


From Breitbart:

Around 60 protestors gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in London last night to lodge their objection to the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Chanting “black lives matter”, “refugees are welcome here”, and “Donald Trump has got to go”, the small crowd waved placards showing Trump sporting a Hitler moustache and swastika, and gave short speeches.

One white male protestor laid the blame for Trump’s presidency on “old white people”, who are “deciding the future” even though they “haven’t got a lot of future left.”

Claiming to speak “on behalf of all angry millennials”, he added: “[Trump] may have been elected […] that does not mean we have to make it easy for him.”

Meanwhile, to cheers and shrieks of delight, a white female protestor told the crowd she was at the rally “to support all the minorities, all the LGBT, all the disabled people, all the Mexicans, all the ethnic minorities, all the black people and all the women, to say that I do not stand with Trump and […] I will never stand with anyone like him”.

The rally was organized by Stand Up To Racism, a national progressive organization backed by major trade unions including Unite, Unison and NUT. In other words, communists. Gee, I’m so shocked.

Sabby Dhalu, Stand Up to Racism Co-Convenor, said: “Donald Trump used the oldest trick in the book – he stirred up fear and racism in the context of a stagnant economy and the resulting fall in living standards – to mobilise a vote for him. Racism and sexism have been the hallmarks of Trump’s campaign. Trump failed to disavow the Klu Klux Klan after it pledged support for him. The danger now is racists across the globe feel emboldened by Donald Trump’s victory, and racism and sexism become normalised through the most powerful figure in the world. We call on anti-racists and all progressives to join us tonight outside the U.S. embassy.”

They don’t see the irony that they are doing and are guilty of exactly what they are protesting. Black Lives Matter screams ‘racism!’ while attacking anyone who is not black. Muslims attack anyone not bowing to Allah. The gays in these protests are going after those who are not gay. And so it goes. These are the same elitist idiots who are standing against Brexit.

Donald J. Trump is now President of the US. Deal with it. He has not even taken office yet or done one thing and yet they want his head. This is why you crush radical movements and destroy communists and their ilk… their solutions are always violent and totalitarian in nature. That is anti-American in the extreme.













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