Model Gigi Hadid Speaks Out After Insulting First Lady Melania Trump at Awards Show [VIDEO]

Model Gigi Hadid Speaks Out After Insulting First Lady Melania Trump at Awards Show [VIDEO]

Guess it got a little hot in the kitchen for model Gigi Hadid yesterday after her disrespectful parody of Melania Trump on the American Music Awards. She made fun of her accent, her intellect and of course, her politics. It was a racist, hateful display of liberal talking points. She got an earful after it went viral and has now penned a hand-written apology to the new First Lady and her fans.

Hadid said she removed or changed elements of the script that ‘went too far’. Really? Because it didn’t seem like it. Then she said she knows that Melania understands show biz. That’s not show biz. That’s targeting someone publicly, trying to humiliate them because of a political stance. It’s called ‘political persecution’ and she damn well knows it. She hates Trump because her wealthy Muslim father from Jordan hates him and this was a way to strike back at Trump’s anti-Islamic refugee stance.


From the Daily Mail:

Gigi Hadid has spoken out about her controversial Melania Trump impersonation at the AMAs that many deemed ‘racist.’

While co-hosting the American Music Awards on Sunday, the model used a fake Eastern European accent to impersonate the soon-to-be First Lady.

The 21-year-old model addressed it on her Twitter Monday, where she apologized ‘to anyone that I offended.’


During the show, Gigi pouted her lips like Melania and said – using a fake accent – ‘I love my husband, President Barack Obama. And our children Sasha and Malia.’

The Maybelline ambassador’s dig refers to accusations that Melania plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech at the Republican National Convention.

Gigi, who hosted the show with SNL alum Jay Pharoah, penned a handwritten letter to apologize.

She started the letter off with: ‘I was honored to host the AMAs last night and to work with some of the most respected writers in the business.’

By the way, after reading that note of apology, it’s no apology at all. She believed in what she left in. And I don’t believe the line about ‘no bad intent’. She’s saying it was just a joke, but it was in horrific taste and very unfunny. What a crappy apology.

Hadid is an ambassador for Maybelline. I wonder if she’ll get canned over this? I certainly wouldn’t feel any sympathy for her if she did get dropped. She may be very pretty on the outside, but she is just ugly on the inside. She’s full of hate and no one in their right mind would accept her apology.

Jay Pharoah, who co-hosted with Hadid, justified it by saying Michelle Obama was made fun of too. Not like this and he knows it. Many found the awards unbearable and turned it off. With it being politicized this way, I don’t know why anyone would ever bother watching it again. Just disgraceful.


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