The Moment Loretta Lynch Called On ‘Blood And Death’ In The Streets To Oppose Trump [VIDEO]

The Moment Loretta Lynch Called On ‘Blood And Death’ In The Streets To Oppose Trump [VIDEO]

As the nation regains its footing from the political terrorist shooting of a Republican Congressman who was put in critical condition by a deranged leftist Bernie Sanders supporter, Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, reminds us all that she recently called for liberals to resist the GOP even if it meant blood and death in the streets.

The call for blood was only two months ago for Loretta Lynch, the 83rd Attorney General of the United States of America — the nation’s top law enforcement officer — as she released a video asking for revolution, insurrection and mass violence in the streets, all because they despise Trump.

If you are trying to connect the dots of the crazed murderer and liberal activist, James T. Hodgkinson, to his driving motivation, Lynch would be a great start as she had said the following on her video:

“We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our Founding Fathers. They’ve marched, they’ve bled, yes some of them have died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before; we can do this again.”

See how Lynch introduced her line? “we can do this again.”

Words matter, as you can tell.

Lynch’s words caught the attention of a lot of angry people and not just the average Joe. For instance, even the insufferable British commentator Piers Morgan had to attack:

“Hate-filled liberals seem to think Trump is such a joke that anything goes. But encouraging violence and death towards ANY president isn’t funny, unless they want to destroy the democracy they claim to love.”

Not a bad observation there, Piers.

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