Most of the Money Trump Raised in the Name of Veterans Is Still Missing

by Dave Blount | April 25, 2016 3:24 pm

Trump discovered early in his pseudo-Republican campaign that an easy way to pander to the right is to praise veterans lavishly at every opportunity. When he was afraid to face Megyn Kelly as a moderator, he used a fundraiser for veterans as a pretext to skip out on the last debate before the Iowa Caucuses. Trump raised $6 million, supposedly for the vets he was exploiting, with his debate-dodging spectacle.

As to Trump’s actual concern for vets, consider that he denounced lousy Senator but deservedly proud war hero John McCain for getting shot down by the communists in Vietnam, following which McCain was tortured repeatedly during five and a half years of captivity, two of which were spent in solitary. The draft-dodging Donald praised his own bravery for risking STDs with his degenerate lifestyle as the equivalent of combat experience. Or consider how most of the money he raised for vets has gone missing:

Trump campaign’s adviser for veterans issues can’t account for $6 million raised for veterans charities by the billionaire—and from the sounds of it, couldn’t care less.

“I could ask, but it’s not high on my priority list,” Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative, told The Daily Beast.

Baldasaro is Trump’s campaign advisor for veterans’ affairs.

Baldasaro played a major role for the Trump campaign in New Hampshire and has been outspoken in the press and on the campaign trail ever since. In fact, he helped deliver money to one veterans charity, accepting an oversized novelty check from Trump on stage at a campaign event before the New Hampshire primary. Soon after, he delivered a real $100,000 check to local veterans charity Liberty House. But he says he doesn’t know where the rest of the money went, and in essence, that it isn’t his problem.

As with the rest of the Trump campaign, at least the giant check was good theater.

Numerous journalists on both the left and right have tried to track down the missing money…

What these investigations have yielded is a solid conclusion that, thus far, Donald Trump and his nonprofit have dispensed, at maximum, about half of the $6 million to the listed beneficiaries. Nearly three months—85 days—have passed since the fundraiser.

The more time goes by, the less likely it is that veterans will be helped by the money raised in their name.

“Groups that hold fundraisers for charities should distribute the funds to those charities as rapidly as possible. By not doing so it delays aid or assistance to people in need of help and increases the risk that these funds get diverted to something other than their intended use,” said Daniel Borochoff, the president of CharityWatch.

Charities that were supposed to get the money have not even been told when they can expect it.

The Trump campaign has declined, on multiple occasions, to comment on where the millions raised for veterans have gone.

Unfavorable numbers make it obvious that the next Attorney General will be appointed by someone other than Trump. The Donald may have to cough up an answer regarding where the money went. Fortunately, after November he can just plead incompetence. That will be much more believable than his showy concern for veterans.

Political pandering at its most shameless.

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