NEW: Trump tells us EXACTLY why Hillary Lost

NEW: Trump tells us EXACTLY why Hillary Lost

President-elect Donald Trump turned to his favorite medium this morning — twitter — to vent against Hillary Clinton, the whole FBI mess and the fabrications against him coming out of the intelligence community, specifically the CIA. He correctly stated that Clinton didn’t lose because of the FBI and Comey sending a letter reopening her case before closing it for a second time. She lost because she campaigned in the wrong states and underestimated who she needed to appeal to in order to win. I’ll go even further. Clinton lost because she was a horrific candidate and because she just generally sucked as a human being. End of story.

Trump was also correct when he said she lacked enthusiasm. Even if Hillary hadn’t been hacking her brains out all the time, the most she could come up with is a fake smile and an even faker accent. She couldn’t relate to an old shoe. Is it any wonder that Americans turned from a blatant corruptocrat and went for Trump? Clinton is a nightmare that is finally over, thank God. But the left is still butt hurt over all this and grasping at dishonest straws, trying to do Trump in at every turn.


From The Daily Caller:

Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election because of the F.B.I. probe into her emails, but because she neglected crucial states during her campaign and showed “no enthusiasm.”

In a series of tweets Friday morning, the president-elect railed against the fake dossier claiming the Russian government is blackmailing him, the F.B.I. probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Affordable Care Act.

First he tweeted about his cabinet selections.

“All of my Cabinet nominee are looking good and doing a great job. I want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine!”

Next was the unsubstantiated document claiming that the Russian government has damaging information about him.

“It now turns out that the phony allegations against me were put together by my political opponents and a failed spy afraid of being sued….”Trump tweeted. “otally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both Democrats and Republicans – FAKE NEWS! Russia says nothing exists. Probably…”

“released by ‘Intelligence’ even knowing there is no proof, and never will be. My people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!”

Next was Clinton’s campaign.

“What are Hillary Clinton’s people complaining about with respect to the F.B.I. Based on the information they had she should never…..have been allowed to run – guilty as hell. They were VERY nice to her. She lost because she campaigned in the wrong states – no enthusiasm!”

I think Trump is very happy with and proud of his Cabinet so far and he should be. Overall, they are looking pretty darn good. I’m also heartened that he wants them to think and do for themselves and take control of their various areas. That’s the way it should be, not like Obama did where he never even met with most of his Cabinet and constantly screwed things up.

As for the whole Russian thing, it has all the earmarks of a smear job that was cooked up by the left and leaked either by the intelligence guys or the politicians who were in the know. They all knew the charges weren’t true, but I guess some of them just couldn’t resist trying to smear and destroy Trump with them. It’s backfired big time and now Trump has the excuse he needs to go into the intelligence agencies and clean house. I don’t know if Russia had a hand in the disinformation or not, but that will eventually come out. Then we’ll see what Trump does or doesn’t do.

Finally, Trump heralded the repeal of Obamacare and how it would soon be history. Good freaking riddance. You can thank Senator Ted Cruz for taking care of much of the repeal. Trump loves twitter… it bypasses the media and goes straight to the people. And he doesn’t hold back… it’s vintage Trump all the time.






Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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