New Yorker Cover Offers Less Than Sophisticated Viewpoint

by Dave Blount | August 18, 2017 12:01 pm

Because Trump suggested that both sides are to blame when left-wing extremists brawl with right-wing extremists, instead of holding the left-wing extremists 100% blameless like other Republicans do, this is how he is portrayed by the flagship publication of liberal elitists:


How do these people manage to be so juvenile and yet take themselves so seriously?

The main difference between KKK and neo-Nazi types on one hand and Antifa thugs on the other is that the former are fading relics of the past, whereas leftist totalitarianism is still very much a threat, as any North Korean, Cuban, or Venezuelan can tell you. Readers won’t learn that from the New Yorker. But they do get to smirk along with outrageously unjust characterizations, helping themselves to heaping helpings of smugness.

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