NJ Father Shells Out $5,000 to Reprint High School Yearbooks That Censored Trump Shirts

NJ Father Shells Out $5,000 to Reprint High School Yearbooks That Censored Trump Shirts

Wall Township High School’s yearbook was unacceptable, according to one student’s father, who accused the school of censoring all Trump-related material from shirts to quotes. It was clear that the school was more concerned with being politically correct than allowing students the freedom to express themselves in a non-violent manner.

He was so outraged that his son’s shirt was edited to remove the “Trump” logo that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

When high school student Grant Berardo brought home a yearbook that showed his “Make America Great Again” shirt had been edited to remove any reference to the 45th President, his father, Joseph Berardo decided to dig in and do what he thought was right.

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He spent $5,279 of his own money to reprint 200 yearbooks without the edits.

“I didn’t want there to be some other program that didn’t get funded because of this,” he said. “They responded appropriately and corrected it. Supporting the kids of Wall Township seemed like the right thing to do.”

The photography company that was hired to take the school’s pictures, Lors Photography, donated $3,000 toward the reprinting effort, which cost a grand total of $10,000. Jostens, the printer, issued a credit to the school for the remaining balance.

This story surfaced in June and the teacher who was responsible for the yearbook club was suspended with pay. The school also agreed to reprint the yearbooks sans edits at their own expense.

Do you think they made the right decision? Do schools have the right to censor clothing and quotes they deem inappropriate, including political slogans? I think that they do, but only things that are extremely controversial like drug, alcohol and sexual references or other such things. Kids are still allowed to have political opinions, regardless of whether you agree with their beliefs.

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