North Korea Dares Trump To Act With Test Missile Launch [VIDEO]

North Korea Dares Trump To Act With Test Missile Launch [VIDEO]

In yet another demonstration of his dangerous petulance, the North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un has launched another missile test designed to show his military manliness. South Korean military officials report that North Korea fired an unknown type of missile into the Sea of Japan at 7:55 AM local time on Sunday. They had no information on whether the test had been considered a success. It is the first missile test since Donald Trump became President and when asked, he had no comment on the incident.

Few things are as dangerous as an arrogant, illogical power-mad narcissist with nukes. And Mr. Un is pushing his luck with these tests. It’s not likely President Trump and our allies will allow Un to continue to build his arsenal and flex his missile muscles forever. At some point, the problem of North Korea will need to be dealt with. The safety of the region and the world may depend upon it.

See video below.

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