Pence Informs City Mayors What’s To Come: “NO POLITICS, JUST RESULTS” [VIDEO]

by Sierra Marlee | January 18, 2017 5:13 pm

Vice President-elect Mike Pence extended an olive branch of sorts to cities around the nation and made them the promise that when it came to interacting with the federal government, there would be “no politics, just results.”

A welcome change, I’m sure, after 8 years of being threatened by the federal government to comply with the President’s outrageously liberal agenda or lose federal funding.


From Western Journalism[2]:

Vice President-elect Mike Pence[3] extended the hand of partnership to America’s cities Tuesday.

“Inaugurations in a very real sense ought to be a time where we as Americans are coming together, coming together as a nation,” Pence told the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Pence had more than warm words. He also brought a message from President-elect Donald Trump promising something more substantial.

“I called him this afternoon to tell him I was coming by and in addition to urging me to send along greetings, he said, ‘Tell them we’re going to do an infrastructure bill and it’s going to be big,’” Pence said.

Trump has proposed a trillion-dollar infrastructure package with some of the funding in the form of tax credits. Pence did not offer specifics of the proposal, but said it would be transformative.

“It will have the funding to help communities and states all across America[4] meet the needs that face too many communities and often times stifle growth,” he said.

Watch the clip below:

I can only hope that the Trump administration will be able to do even half of what they say they will, because from the sounds of it all of America will benefit.

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