People Noticed One MAJOR Thing When Trump Met Trudeau [VIDEO]

Seriously? So this is a thing now? President Trump meets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in DC today. As leaders in North America, they have a ton to discuss, or at least they should. They shook hands and Twitter blew up. Sigh. It seems the prevailing view out there is that Trudeau won the iron grip contest. If I must address this inane stupidity, I beg to differ. Trump was the one with a firm handshake there. Trudeau is an effeminate socialist in my book. But whatever. By the way, it’s not unusual for two men to hold a handshake for seven seconds when greeting each other this way. It’s sort of like two bull moose facing off, getting the lay of the land.

Trudeau is meeting with Trump and I assume Ivanka to discuss women’s issues here and in Canada. Business women are there as well to discuss women in the workforce. They’ll also cover maternity leave etc. I don’t support all of this, but this is what Ivanka has her heart set on and thus probably the meeting. Childcare will also be on the menu and how to recruit and retain women as executives and employees. Entrepreneurship will also be discussed. Not sure that Trump and Trudeau will discuss the border and terrorism… that’s not on their dance card this time.

Getty Images/Mark Wilson

Getty Images/Mark Wilson

From the Independent Review Journal:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Washington, D.C., on Monday, where he was greeted personally by President Donald Trump.

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One of the first things people noticed about their initial meeting was the handshake.

The handshake lasted about 7 full seconds and both of the world leaders appeared to be displaying their grip strength. It was a firm handshake.

Watch for yourself:

People definitely took notice, several claiming Trudeau came out on top:

Trump said he was meeting with Trudeau and a group of leading business women at the White House “to discuss women in the workforce.”

The Associated Press reported:

Topics at the event will likely include issues like providing maternity leave and childcare, how to recruit and retain women and how to better support women entrepreneurs.

A White House official told The AP that they will also be discussing forming a new task force called the United States Canada Council for the Advancement of Women Business Leaders-Female Entrepreneurs.

Most of the Twitter traffic is in jest over the handshake. But I will say this… in my humble opinion, Trudeau looks like a child compared to President Trump. If this is a testosterone contest, it’s no contest at all. I care far more about what these two men will do about that northern border than who out-gripped who.

It’s a sad state of affairs where every little thing makes headlines these days. These are serious times that call for serious leaders. Hopefully we can focus on national security more and hair, clothing, handshakes and twitter bombing less. SMH.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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