People In Poland Interrupted Trump SIX Times With American Chant [VIDEO]

People In Poland Interrupted Trump SIX Times With American Chant [VIDEO]

When people in America interrupt our President, it’s because they’re trying to heckle and silence him.

When people in Poland interrupt our President, it’s because they’re chanting in support of America.

That’s right, the Polish have more pride in America than some Americans. How sad is that?

President Donald Trump visited Warsaw, Poland and received an extremely warm welcome from the people. After he delivered a pro-West sentiment, the crowd burst out in a chant that you would think would only be heard in the United States.

Philip Rucker – Washington Post’s White House Bureau Chief – noted that the President was interrupted six different times during his speech. Each time, it was the same thing.

Trump was clearly pleased with the reaction, judging by how big he was smiling during the chants.

Watch the video below:

Trump also took the time to condemn Russia for their attempts to destabilize countries like the Ukraine and supporting countries like Iran who are hostile with the United States of America. Liberals should be talking about that, but instead they’re discussing whether or not Trump brought in the people who were chanting his name during his speech. Isn’t it adorable how frightened they are of talking about things that may not fit their narrative?

Our President shook things up not only here at home, but also overseas. It became very clear very quickly that this wasn’t business as usual and there were going to be some serious changes made to the way things are done in our country. While not everyone is as excited about this as we are, countries like Poland are the ones who make it all worth it. They share our ideals and way of doing things, as well as our desire to keep our people safe. Why can’t everyone in America feel that way?

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