Poll shows that Trump voters are more informed than Hillary voters

Poll shows that Trump voters are more informed than Hillary voters

A scientific poll commissioned by Just Facts & conducted by Conquest Communications Group, a professional polling firm located in Virginia, shows without a doubt that Trump voters are more informed than Clinton voters. It’s not even close. Their answers reflect a greater understanding of reality and a willingness to face how things actually are in the US. What’s more it indicates that Americans want to fix what is currently ailing our Republic.

43% of Trump voters vs. 31% of Clinton voters answered the questions correctly in this poll. The poll covered a wide range of topics from education, taxes and spending, to the national debt, global warming and pollution. It also covers energy, hunger, social security and healthcare. You can read the questions and results here. The only part I heavily disagreed with as fact, was question 11 on global warming. On that one, I call bull crap, but the rest of the poll is valid and very enlightening.

Lost vs Very Lost

From Just Facts:

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On average, voters gave the correct answer 35% of the time, gave an incorrect answer 52% of the time, replied “I don’t know” 12% of the time, and refused to answer 1% of the time. These poor results indicate that many voters may be casting ballots based on warped notions of reality.

A majority of voters gave the correct answer to only four of the 23 questions.

The highest levels of ignorance were found on questions related to child hunger, tax burdens, health insurance copayments, landfills, and Social Security finances. In these cases, less than 25% of voters provided the correct answer, and in one case, only 6% of voters did.

The poll also recorded voters’ age, sex, and their choice for president of the United States. This allows the poll to pinpoint segments of society that are most and least informed about specific issues.

The results show deep partisan and demographic divides, with different groups being more or less knowledgeable depending upon the questions.

In total, the rates at which voters gave the correct answers varied from a high of 43% for Trump voters to a low of 31% for Clinton voters:

  • 43% for Trump voters.
  • 37% for 35 to 64 year olds.
  • 37% for males.
  • 35% for undecided voters.
  • 34% for females.
  • 34% for 65+ year olds.
  • 31% for Clinton voters.

The sample sizes of third-party voters and 18 to 34 year olds were too small to produce meaningful data.

What this indicated to me is that Clinton followers believe the crap they are spoon fed and don’t have the facts. They don’t realize just how bad off we are economically and that we are standing on a fiscal cliff and we are slipping off into the void.

I noticed the poll also did not address topics such as jobs, immigration and the refugee crisis. It also did not go into how Americans view global events. I would have liked to see all of that addressed. But overall, this poll definitely shows that Trump voters are more informed and have a much better grasp on the state of affairs in America. Liberals should really ask themselves why that is and adjust accordingly.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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