President-Elect Donald Trump To Get Personal Invite From Queen Elizabeth

President-Elect Donald Trump To Get Personal Invite From Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly going to send a personal invite to President Donald Trump after his inauguration to come visit with her in Britain. The Brits roundly despise Barack Obama… I bet they’ll love Donald Trump. First Nigel Farage is hanging out with Trump, then The Donald vows to move the bust of Winston Churchill back into the Oval Office. Now this… looks like we get to be BFFs with Britain once again. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

This should mend our diplomatic ties with Britain and open negotiations on trade now that Brexit is a reality there. I would imagine that the Queen will warm nicely to President Trump. Trump has already extended an invitation to Britain’s government after he invited British Prime Minister Theresa May for a stateside visit shortly following his Election Day victory, according to The Hill.


From TheBlaze:

Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain is reportedly planning to personally invited President-elect Donald Trump to England for a state visit next year, according to the Sunday Times.

The Queen is expected to extend her invitation to Trump shortly after his inauguration on Jan. 20. The visit is expected to take place sometime next summer.

The meeting is an attempt to ensure that the U.S. and England maintain their excellent diplomatic relationship. According to the Times, England’s government considers the Queen to be their “secret weapon” to maintain London’s close ties with Washington.

And given that England is preparing to leave the European Union sometime next year, England’s government expects the relationship between the U.S. and Britain to strengthen as London looks to enter into bilateral trade deals with the U.S.

I’m not enthused by Theresa May, but I’m sure Trump will take control of that relationship. Our standing with Britain is very important and Obama has severely strained our friendship with them. They are a critical ally in geopolitics. Bilateral trade and investment will be key with Britain.

Plans to roll out the red carpet for Trump with a state visit in the summer of 2017 are being drawn up at the highest levels in Whitehall. And I bet he won’t give the Queen a crappy present like Obama did. It’s going to take forever to get over the embarrassment of having that man as President.

Discussions between British officials and Trump’s team are expected to begin soon to ensure that a date can be agreed for June or July next year. The Queen will also send an official congratulatory message to the President to mark the inauguration. Details of the planning were revealed by two ministers and a senior official close to Downing Street. A No 10 source confirmed that Trump would visit in 2017.

President Trump is said to be very excited about visiting Britain and the Queen. He discussed it at length with Nigel Farage. I think this is fantastic and something sorely needed between the US and Britain. Britain wants to get Trump on their side to secure a post-Brexit free trade deal with the United States and to make an early effort to shape his thinking on NATO, Syria and other foreign affairs. It’s a great opportunity for Trump to put our interests forward as well.


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