Pro-Trump Pastor SICK Of CNN’s Crap – Storms Out Of Interview After Setting Record STRAIGHT! [VIDEO]

Pro-Trump Pastor SICK Of CNN’s Crap – Storms Out Of Interview After Setting Record STRAIGHT! [VIDEO]

Character is not something you can buy and it’s not something you instantly have simply because you confess you have none. Mark Burns is a pastor that supports Donald Trump… very vociferously. Evidently he listed a number of things on his biography that he ‘exaggerated’ somewhat. In other words… he lied and then got caught.

Now given, CNN deliberately baited and trapped Burns. But if you are going to act as a surrogate for someone running for the presidency, you better be sure you have nothing to hide and that you are telling the truth about everything connected to you. This guy didn’t do that and CNN pounced. It’s what sleazy media people do.

Mark Burns

From BizPac Review:

A black pastor and Donald Trump supporter who stormed out of a CNN interview over questions about his past reveals why he thinks he’s being attacked.

Pastor Mark Burns has emerged as an outspoken surrogate for the GOP nominee, but was not too pleased to answer questions about discrepancies in his own biography. Burns stormed off after CNN’s Victor Blackwell accused him of exaggerating parts of his professional background.

The South Carolina preacher’s church website lists that he has a Bachelor of Science degree and served six years in the Army Reserve. But Burns had only been part of the South Carolina National Guard until he was discharged in 2008. He also acknowledged that he attended North Greenville University for only one semester, never attaining a degree.

Burns claimed he had a Bachelor of Science degree… nope. He attended a university for a semester. He claimed he was part of the Army Reserve… nope. He was part of the South Carolina National Guard. Now, he has written a Facebook post where he admits he did not tell the truth. Then he goes on to say the only reason he’s being attacked is that he is a black man who supports Donald Trump. Race probably has nothing to do with this. The media being in the tank for Clinton does and the fact that Burns made himself an easy target was one they could not resist. Burns at first said the page where his info was had “obviously” been either “manipulated or either hacked or added.” That was not true either.

This is a man who regularly introduces Donald Trump at events. I fail to understand those on the right willing to give this guy a pass just as they are so many others around Trump. They would never do this for those on the left. I’m a conservative and I’m sure as hell not giving anyone a pass. Especially a lying pastor who makes things up and only comes clean when he gets caught.

Mark Burns1

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