Radio Presenter Quits Live On-Air As He Can’t Stand The Trump/Clinton ‘Hurricane of Hate’ That Has Permeated His Audience…

Radio Presenter Quits Live On-Air As He Can’t Stand The Trump/Clinton ‘Hurricane of Hate’ That Has Permeated His Audience…

I can certainly relate to this radio host. John Murphy of WAVY, quit his radio show live on the air. He had been doing the show for 34 years and is beloved in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He quit because he is sick and tired of all the hate spewed by both Clinton and Trump supporters. All the sniping, fear mongering, lying and posturing took its toll on the guy. I know exactly how he feels.

Murphy is not done with radio, he’s just done with the divisiveness and he does not want to be an enabler of hate. This is the worst and nastiest election ever. It has permeated not only national politics, but local politics and heck, just everyday life. It’s toxic. It wears on all of us whether we admit or not.


From the Daily Mail:

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A beloved local radio presenter quit live on air after growing tired of the ‘hurricane of hate’ he said listeners had become caught up in.

John Murphy has been working in radio for 34 years in the area of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

On Thursday, in the middle of his WAYY news and current affairs program, he walked out of the studio.

‘I’m through doing this show as it is,’ said the 57-year-old.

Explaining his departure, he said he had become jaded with the growing tension between listeners.

‘It started with a lot of Trump and Clinton stuff, but now that same kind of vitriol is starting to permeate our local races and local issues.

‘After a while, day after day and week after week, that starts to wear on you.’

Murphy said it makes him sad to see so many ‘educated, wonderful people who have become caught up in this hurricane of hate.’ It makes me sad too. So many friendships and alliances are now destroyed. This has torn apart families as well. And it has all but destroyed the conservative movement. Perhaps all on purpose.

Murphy went on to say, “If I’m an enabler, even inadvertently, to this toxicity through the show, that troubles me. There’s got to be a better way to do this. Maybe we can come up with something that’s agreeable and turns off this faucet of poison.” I hope he is right.

After Murphy’s announcement, Brian Westrate, chairman of the 3rd Congressional District Republican Party and a frequent caller to the show, weighed in with the following message to Murphy on Facebook: “I want you to know that while we have disagreed over the years I have never found you to be disagreeable, and your heart for this community and for others has never been in doubt. You are a good man and I am proud to consider you a friend.”

There are good people out there and when this is all done… I hope we find our way back to each other to repair the damage that has been done. Here’s to looking forward to the hurricane of Trump/Clinton hate passing. And then begins the picking up of the pieces left behind.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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