Republican Rep. Steve King: Trump ‘Needs to Purge Leftists from Executive Branch’ Over Leaks

Republican Rep. Steve King: Trump ‘Needs to Purge Leftists from Executive Branch’ Over Leaks

The Trump administration has been plagued with leaks since the President took office in January. He has accused “Obama leftovers” and even Obama himself of coordinating these leaks of private information to the media.

Now, Republican Representative Steve King is saying Trump needs to put in extra work to “purge leftists” from the White House.


From Mediaite:

As White House leaks continue and talk of Obama administration holdovers being behind them builds, one Republican congressman tweeted last night that President Trump needs to “purge leftists” behind leaks from the executive branch.

Congressman Steve King sent out this tweet last night:

King links in that tweet to a piece on Conservative Review arguing the following:

This should be the core job of the Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. He must instruct every department head who should then direct every agency head to call for the resignation of any political appointees and special counsels who do not share the views of the president…

There is nothing harsh and revolutionary about this suggestion. It is exactly what Obama did the minute he took office. And he had an easier job because the residual deep state was a lot less hostile to his agenda than it is to Trump’s. The federal bureaucracy under Bush was not even close to being conservative, and Obama only pushed it further to the left.

President Trump has one last shot to save his presidency. Things will only get worse if and when he actually pursues serious transformational policies on immigration, national security, health care, taxes, and the budget.

It’s been made clear that Trump is not only working against the media and liberals in America, but also people who work directly beneath him.

In order for Trump to be able to get anything done (as opposed to being constantly being forced to defend himself from a suddenly-hostile media) he’s going to have to get rid of the people who are making his Presidency a mess.

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