Retired female Marine explains how Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton

Retired female Marine explains how Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton

Jessie Jane Duff is a retired Marine gunnery sergeant. She appears on various news shows such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC to discuss the military and national security. She’s popular because she’s bright, attractive and speaks her mind. Duff campaigned for Donald Trump. She believes in him all the way and that he can truly make America great again by rebuilding our military and strengthening our national security. That’s the exact opposite of what Obama has done over eight years. He has dangerously weakened us and left us vulnerable to terrorists and enemy attacks.

Duff also takes issue with the Left labeling everyone that supports Donald Trump as racist. It’s a lie and she calls it out. Working class men and women won Donald Trump the election. They turned out for him for several reasons. First and foremost, no one wanted the nightmare of Hillary Clinton in office. Second, he is promising to bring back jobs and some of these people haven’t worked in years. They just want to provide for their families and keep them safe. Trump is offering them that hope. Strong support for our police and military also got Trump elected. Hate was not part of their equation… survival was.


From BizPac Review:

Jessie Jane Duff is an energetic retired Marine who campaigned for President-elect Donald Trump and believes the new administration will turn America from President Barack Obama’s dangerous, failed national security and foreign policies.

A senior fellow at the London School for Policy Research and a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC discussing national security, veterans, military and economic issues, this Marine finds it “appalling” when “racist” epithets are cavalierly thrown at Trump supporters.

“The average white working class person is not thinking about hating other people. They are thinking about paying their bills, getting the food on the table, getting their kids a decent education and worrying about the next paycheck,” she says.

She left home at age 17 and served 20 years in The U.S. Marine Corps, receiving a variety of medals and awards, and retired a gunnery sergeant.

Duff was blunt, just as Sarah Palin has been that most women didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because of her Marxist policies. We want the borders closed and secure. We also want the rule of law followed and unvetted refugees turned away. We love our military and police and we hate radical thugs. Trump makes these people feel secure and safe again, something that Hillary Clinton could never do.

Duff says, “We are not white, black, and Asian Americans. We are red, white and blue Americans.” That is exactly right. This isn’t about identity politics; it’s about being American and fixing the damage to our nation. Duff also said, “If what [Hillary Clinton] views as red, white and blue as deplorable, fine, then that’s who we are.” Patriots have embraced the label of Les Deplorables thanks to the idiocy of Clinton. It’s now gone viral as a call to arms for our nation.

I don’t agree with everything Duff says. She really admires Ret. Lt. General Michael Flynn. I’m very leery of him because of his connections to Russia and Turkey. However, I do agree with his stance on radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. She believes that so far the cabinet picks Trump has made highlight “loyalty, integrity and character.” Again, I agree with Duff on that.

There is simply no excuse for the left smearing Americans who support President-elect Trump. They want their country back and they want the unfettered Marxism gone. If that means being branded as a deplorable, count me in.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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