Rubio Sells Out, Forgetting Both the Recent Past and the Near Future

by Dave Blount | May 27, 2016 4:26 pm

That didn’t take long:

Marco Rubio says he plans to attend the Republican convention, will release his delegates to vote for Donald Trump and would be willing to speak on Trump’s behalf.

Rubio has tweeted using the resolute #NeverTrump hashtag. Apparently he meant to use the tag #NeverTrumpUntilItLooksLikeEveryoneElseIsKnucklingUnder.

At least he isn’t groveling for a chance to be Trump’s VP, like some lesser politicians.

RedState comments:

Marco Rubio – along with Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal – did not just oppose Donald Trump on the campaign trail. He called him a con man. He called him unfit for the office. He said there was no difference between him and Hillary Clinton. He strongly implied that Trump was mentally unbalanced. He attacked him as being totally ignorant on basic policy questions and said he was a bigger narcissist than even Barack Obama.

A cagier pol, in the interest of preserving the option of selling out, would have kept those astute observations off the record — because…

anyone who actually believed these things about another person would not find it either morally acceptable or responsible to lend their voice and influence towards trying to get that person elected to the office of President of the most powerful nation on earth.

It is as if these people have no concept of tomorrow.

Regardless of the fluctuating polls, Shrillary will probably win, due to the demographic math (you can’t render yourself toxic to women, young people, blacks, and Hispanics and remain viable), for economic reasons, and because even though she is an absolutely awful candidate even by Democrat standards, she is at least “unfit within normal parameters.”

Where will this leave the cowards who, terrified of being separated from the stampeding herd, participate in Trump’s populist progressive takeover of the GOP?

When this surreal nightmare is finally over, after the angry, irresponsible, ill-informed mob has gone back to watching reality television, conservatives will try to put the pieces back together. At that point, sellouts who climbed aboard the Trump Train should be regarded as leprous.

Or maybe a big surprise is coming, and Shrillary will actually get indicted for some of her crimes, or Trump will otherwise manage to win. Then the consequences for the GOP will be even worse.

Few mature, informed adults think Trump has the character to avoid failing spectacularly as president. In the best possible scenario, he doesn’t cause a second Great Depression or a nuclear war, or get impeached for gross incompetence. But the international situation will spiral further out of control, the economy will tank due to his insane tariffs, the left will be motivated, mobilized, and seemingly validated as never before, and Republicans will be routed out of Congress in 2018. Democrats will run a far left candidate in 2020 and win in a landslide against a party no one will want anything to do with. From there the GOP will limp forward as a regional party or simply disband. Where will Rubio be then?

There will always be a future. It isn’t going to be pretty, thanks to the walking catastrophe named Trump, but we need to think about it anyway.

“Little Marco” now kisses Trump’s ring.

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