SHUT DOWN! Trump Adviser Turns The Tables On CNN Reporter Who Accidentally Insulted Immigrants [VIDEO]

SHUT DOWN! Trump Adviser Turns The Tables On CNN Reporter Who Accidentally Insulted Immigrants [VIDEO]

Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller really got into CNN’s Jim Acosta’s face today over immigration. Tense doesn’t quite cut it here. Although, Acosta more than had it coming. He was an absolute ass during the exchange. Miller was explaining President Trump’s new policy that would cut immigration into the US by fifty percent and go to a merit-based system for entry. Immigrants would have to speak English, as they should. Acosta sarcastically asked if that meant we would only take people from Britain and Australia. That was enough to really tick Miller off. I don’t blame him in the least.

Just wow… Miller said that Acosta’s cosmopolitan bias was showing to a shocking degree. Again, I agree. That was a massive insult to people in other countries that want to come here. My son-in-law immigrated the right way and is now a US citizen. He’s from Denmark and yes, he speaks English. Miller went on to nail Acosta asking him if he had really never met an immigrant from any other place on the planet that speaks English. “That is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant and foolish things you’ve ever said,” Miller added. “The notion that you think this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting.”

From the Independent Journal Review:

Senior White House Advisor Stephen Miller got into an extremely heated exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta over immigration policy.

Discussing President Donald Trump-backed legislation to cut illegal immigration and attract legal immigrants who “speak English,” Miller touted the effort as a step in the right direction for comprehensive immigration reform.

Acosta pressed Miller on the stipulation that immigrants know how to speak English, sarcastically asking if the U.S. would only accept immigrants from Great Britain and Australia.

That was the line that set Miller off.

“It reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree,” he said. “This is an amazing moment that you think only people from Great Britain and Australia would speak English is so insulting to millions of hard-working immigrants who do speak English from all over the world.”

Miller went on to ask Acosta if he’s really never met an immigrant from somewhere other than Great Britain or Australia who speaks English in real life.

Miller said the Trump-backed immigration plan would allow “immediate, nuclear family members” of green card holders to come to the US and adds an additional “merit-based system.” The bill is focused on limiting the practice of family chain migration. It utilizes a points system that purports to “tailor the immigration system to meet the needs of our economy.” The RAISE Act will shift the focus from cracking down on illegal immigration to reducing the number and types of people allowed to immigrate into the US. That doesn’t mean that illegal immigration won’t be stopped, it just means an overhaul of the immigration system will take place.

“Instead of today’s low-skilled system — which is a terrible system where anyone comes in, people who have never worked, people that are criminals, anyone comes in — we want a merit-based system,” Trump stated at an Ohio rally last week. “One that protects our workers, protects our taxpayers, and one that protects our economy.” The points-based merit system gives priority to high-skilled immigrants and potential job-creating entrepreneurs. This is a take on the Canadian and Australian immigration systems. If you have a skill to offer us, you will be considered for entry. Under this bill, only spouses and minor children could apply for admission based on family ties.

For Acosta to bring race into this is just incredibly racist and stupid. This has to do with national security and preserving American culture and our way of life. If he wasn’t so busy being a hateful, snarky smart ass, he might learn something. That will never happen, not with Acosta.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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