SNL’s TWEET About Barron Trump Is Nothing Less Than EVIL

SNL’s TWEET About Barron Trump Is Nothing Less Than EVIL


There really is not much decorum when referring to the Trump family. HE has not even been in office for twenty-four hours and already his family has carried more insults, slander and degradation than imaginable. Of course Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, has been mocked and spoken down to by the press. But what is shocking is how the media also chooses to go after the youngest son of Donald Trump, Barron Trump.

This tweet was sent out during the inauguration and it is truly horrific. I cannot imagine the heartbreak of giving up my entire life for my father’s dedication and then being placed in a situation where I am mocked and bullied online. Aren’t the leftists all about safe places and not bullying??? And yet they think this kind of horrific behavior is acceptable?? Come on! This is obscene.

Seriously?? And if you watched the inauguration today, you probably caught some really sweet moments of the president’s son playing peekaboo with his sister’s children….

Come on liberals. Pick on someone your own size…. someone who is not a little boy trying to help his country. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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