SOROS FELLOW From New Orleans Led Protesters In Phoenix To Shut Down Trump Rally

SOROS FELLOW From New Orleans Led Protesters In Phoenix To Shut Down Trump Rally

Well, whaddya know? Turns out the lead organizer of the protesters yesterday in Phoenix/Fountain Hills was a Soros Fellow named Jacinta Gonzalez from New Orleans. That’s the woman that tied wire or something around her neck and locked herself to her van door. She’s a pretty young woman with a very black heart that does the bidding of George Soros. She shut down that highway for two hours. Only three were arrested. All of them should have been put behind bars for that stunt.


From Gateway Pundit:

Yesterday Far left open border activists SHUT DOWN THE HIGHWAY leading to the Trump rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona for two hours.

The protesters parked their trucks across the highway to block traffic.

Only three protesters were arrested.

Where were the paddy wagons?

The lead protester who chained her neck to a pickup truck was Jacinta Gonzalez from New Orleans.

This woman is a trained radical community organizer. She professionally stages protests and incites violence and chaos. All in the name of diversity. She’s a stone-cold Marxist. She’s the lead organizer for the Congress of Day Laborers. Unions, racism, communism and radicals… that’s so very Soros. I’d really love to know if she is an illegal alien herself. Jacinta was one of three organizers who shut down traffic in an attempt to halt a Donald Trump rally. She was trained by Soros. The Soros Open Society Foundation has more on Jacinta. If I had to guess, I’d say she was Venezuelan and a communist.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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