Soros-Financed Groups Gave Out Script for Anti-Trump Town Halls

by Alexandria Willis | March 1, 2017 8:07 am

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George Soros is not making any friends with right wing conservatives right now. He has over and over used his wealth to further causes that oppose the Republican platform. And he has managed to do that again. But this might be one of the worst times yet. It now looks like one of George Soros’ financed groups is responsible for giving out scripts telling Americans what to say to their representatives at town halls.

CHeck it out:[2]

The script provides word-for-word language suggestions that accuse the Trump administration of “xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia.” It asks activists to use the descriptors to petition their representatives to “forcefully condemn” and support legislation opposing President Trump’s immigration and border security agendas.

The script is entitled, “#NoBanNoWallNoRaids Talking Points for Congressional Townhalls.”

It ends with contact information for activists from two groups heavily financed by billionaire George Soros – Avideh Moussavian at the National Immigration Law Center and Deepa Iyer at the Center for Social Inclusion.

Contacted by Breitbart News, Moussavian confirmed his group “contributed” to the script “in response to overwhelming concern and fear stemming from the January 27th executive order that sought to ban the entry of refugees and Muslims and in response to mounting questions from community members about how to express these concerns to policy makers.”

Despite Moussavian’s claims, Trump’s executive order did not seek to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. It temporarily halted the refugee program while the flawed security screening process could be reworked.

The anti-Trump script for activists is meant to aid a project driven by the George Soros-funded group declaring the week of February 18-26 – the first congressional recess of the 115th Congress – to be “Resistance Recess.”

Is it possible for Americans to actually think for themselves and come up with their own words for how they feel?


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