Thanks To Trump, We Just Dodged A MASSIVE Bullet! [AUDIO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 11, 2016 10:08 am

At least if you listen to Sputnik News[1], one of Russia’s primary propaganda outlets, that is true. I’m highly skeptical of that claim. It’s true that Putin wanted Trump in and was threatening nuclear war if Clinton was elected. But frankly, he would have been fine with either one. The fact that he threatened nuclear war at all should give you serious pause. Putin now thinks he holds sway over our President and I hope that is not true. But Russia was in contact with Trump’s campaign before he was elected, so we will just have to see[2].

The Russians were quick to dig up some obscure professor who is also a peace activist to sing Trump’s praises and say that we have dodged a massive bullet. He went on to say he, “just had no idea at how deep this was. And we saw it – it was a sweep. In fact, Donald Trump did to Hillary Clinton what the experts were saying she would do to him. It’s quite unbelievable – it’s a historic outcome. I think finally, that temporarily, the world has dodged the bullet of World War.” This guy is a useful idiot and a plant. Russia is already at war with us on a cyber level. Whether Trump can avert a full blown war is yet to be seen.


From Sputnik News:

On Tuesday, voters in the US went to the polls to choose their next president, electing Republican Donald Trump. Speaking to Sputnik, Professor Tony Monteiro, peace activist and scholar at the department of African American Studies at Temple University, suggested that Trump’s election may have just saved the world from World War Three.

Calling Tuesday’s vote a “political insurrection,” Monteiro said that he was frankly surprised by “the depth and magnitude” of the popular revolt. “I felt it was possible, [but] didn’t believe it was probable, given that the Clinton campaign had all of the resources…”

“It’s a situation where the pundits and the political experts had predicted based upon an old paradigm of viewing elections. And what we had is a new paradigm – a paradigm grounded in rage, anger and class resentment against an elite which never repaired the profound damage done to the American working people and the middle classes as a consequence of the Great Recession of 2007 and 2009.”

Listen to the propaganda from this guy… it is jaw-dropping: “If Clinton had won, we would be on a fast track to war with Russia, either in the Baltics, Ukraine or in Syria. She made that perfectly clear.” Trump, meanwhile, “had over the course of this election cycle said the very opposite. Many people thought that by coming out against war with Russia, he had disqualified himself. In fact he went so far as to attack the generals and those who are running foreign policy.”

The good professor is correct that we are a divided nation. That we must heal economically and militarily. But he is a literal dictionary of talking points not only for Russia, but for liberals. Frankly, I would not trust anything that comes from or Sputnik at face value. They are messing in our politics and our media and Russia is a stone cold enemy, make no mistake about it.

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