Top Immigration Group Withdraws Support from Trump for “Broken Promises”

Top Immigration Group Withdraws Support from Trump for “Broken Promises”

I can’t say I’m surprised by this move. ALIPAC – America’s only Political Action Committee focused on stopping and reversing illegal immigration and Amnesty through the adequate enforcement of the nation’s existing immigration laws – has officially withdrawn their endorsement of President Donald Trump. He has not carried through on his campaign promises, which were numerous. DACA is alive and well and being protected by this administration. The wall has not been funded and doesn’t look like it is actually going to be built. The refugee resettlement plan is still alive and well and in fact, bringing in the same number of refugees per year that Obama brought in. There has been some flurry of arrests and deportations, but not nearly enough. The only real accomplishment I can see on the immigration front, is that the number of illegals coming across the border has dropped by 70%. That’s driven by fear and won’t last.

Many of President Trump’s most stalwart supporters are beginning to turn away from him. We are no better off now than under the last four presidencies. We’ve had non-stop promises on border security and illegal immigration and we have nothing tangible to show for it. It’s not just disappointing… it’s devastating. This is not good news for President Trump and he is going to have to really turn this around to regain ground.


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After months of activism efforts to encourage President Trump to honor his campaign promises, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is regretfully announcing the revocation of the organization’s endorsement of Donald Trump originally issued February 29, 2016.

ALIPAC’s supporters have endorsed, contributed to, volunteered for, and attended events and rallies to help Trump in response to his promises to enforce all existing immigration and border laws while ending Obama’s DACA Amnesty and building a wall on our southern border.

While Trump promised these things, he quickly caved and retreated on budget negotiations with Congress on funding for the wall this week, while continuing Obama’s overtly unconstitutional DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Amnesty for illegal immigrants! Trump is sending a message that most illegal aliens have nothing to fear from federal law enforcement and that implementation of US law will be based on his personal feelings instead of the Rule of Law. Trump has also issued an executive order setting dangerous refugee resettlement programs he promised to end at 62,000 imported per year, which is the same average Obama brought in during his terms. ALIPAC has also recently discovered Trump administration spokeswoman and Bush family ally Helen Aguirre Ferre promising future amnesty to illegal aliens on KJZZ radio! (Listen)

Millions of Americans voted for Trump primarily on the basis of border security and upholding the rule of law. His cabinet and staff are now full of people who are pro-Amnesty. Those who were steadfast supporters of the wall and upholding the law have been sidelined and ignored. Sheriff Arpaio, Ann Coulter and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach come to mind. This is not what his base voted for or expected of President Trump.

ALIPAC’s withdrawal of their endorsement is based solely on the actions of the President and the Republicans. You cannot just lay this on RINOs. Trump has had major input on this and has changed his stance so many times, I’ve personally lost count. Conservatives are turning from Trump because of his broken promises and that’s the simple truth of it. It is absolutely within President Trump’s power to stop the refugee resettlement program and uphold the rule of law on illegal immigration. He’s not doing that and now the results of that are beginning to be felt. In John Hawkins’ new book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in number 17 of the book, “If you want to know what a person really believes, watch their actions.” Trump’s actions and words are at odds with each other. America is watching, Mr. President. Reverse course and keep your word.

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