This right here is why Americans HATE the media. ABC News is claiming that Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway dodged a question from Clinton sycophant, George Stephanopoulos, concerning Donald Trump asserting that millions of illegal aliens voted in the election. First off, she did not dodge the question. Read below and listen to the video. Second off, I’m of the opinion the statement may very well be true. There were numerous arrests recorded of illegal aliens voting and I have seen numbers ranging between 880,000 to 3 million that voted illegally in the election.

Stephanopoulos called it a false statement… in other words, he came right out and called the President-elect a liar. Just disgusting. I didn’t see him calling Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein liars when they called for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania over Russia hacking the voting in those states, which did not happen. There REALLY is no evidence of that claim. This is the media trying to smear a Republican President-elect before he even takes office and it’s also a move to undermine the Electoral College.


From ABC News:

President-elect Donald Trump‘s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway dodged answering whether Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that “millions” voted illegally is true when she appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning.

Trump said in a tweet last week that millions of people voted for Hillary Clinton illegally — a claim without any known basis in fact.

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Trump said.

Clinton currently leads the national popular vote by more than 2.3 million votes.

When asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos if it is appropriate for Trump to make false statements like that, she said, “Many people are questioning the victory. You got people spending millions of dollars, wasting money and time in the Clinton and [Jill] Stein camp in Wisconsin, Michigan, tried in Pennsylvania to recount. So not everybody has … accepted the election results.”

“But to your question,” Conway continued, “the president-elect has been talking to different people including Kris Kobach, [secretary of state] of Kansas, about voting irregularities or the number of illegal votes that may have been cast, and I believe that he bases his information on that.”

Conway correctly points out that Trump won the election because mainstream America connected with him and liked his message. They just hated Hillary Clinton and all she stood for. She was terrifying and that was why she lost. Conway said that the Left “can’t get past the grief, denial and anger stages and into the acceptance stages,” which she said “really defies what Secretary Clinton and President Obama themselves had said” about coming together as a nation.

These asshats keep claiming that Clinton won the popular vote by 2.3 million votes. There is a very strong argument to be made that she didn’t if you count absentee voting, which is primarily military that go for Republicans, and illegal and fraudulent voting. I’ve said that from the beginning and I still believe it. Neither Trump or Conway lied here. The only liar I see is Stephanopoulos. The guy is as creepy as his name and even more dishonest. He’s a typical media hack.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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