Trump to Announce MAJOR New Executive Order

Trump to Announce MAJOR New Executive Order

Here’s an interesting lesson…to describe what is going on here.

Have you ever seen a cat climb into a tree and stay there until it dies? No, because when the cat gets hungry enough, it will come down of its own free will and find a meal.

However, that all changes if that tree so happens to be a Democrat tree. In this case, the food is delivered up into the tree at each mealtime, free of charge, and forever… until the fat cat forgets all about what living on the ground is supposed to feel like and how much satisfaction comes from catching their own mice to eat.

Take the gift of being self-reliant from a person…and you take their life. All they are doing at that point is simply existing.

This analogy is actually what we are dealing with today with the cradle-to-grave welfare mentality and President Trump is not one to overlook the problem.

After all, what they see as discrimination against their idle butts is actually the best antidote for them…and they just don’t see it. Who wants a nation full of people who do not know how to take care of themselves or anyone else for that matter? It’s wrong and it’s truly not the kind of country America is supposed to be. This is a country of leaders.

Instead…however, it’s turning into a country of brain dead lazy welfare brats that progress no further than their mailbox to pick up a check each month.

Strict welfare limits are a focus for President Trump and the welfare to immigrants is a critical item on his agenda.

A copy of a draft order reported by The Washington Post earlier this month (subscription required) and being circulated among cabinet members seeks to address what the order describes as a massive burden on the American taxpayer.

The order calls for immigrants “likely to need certain types of public aid” to be identified prior to entry, and for immigrants already using those services to be deported.

The draft order also requires strict financial responsibility for relatives who promised to support immigrants who are instead now relying on social aid.

The potential savings estimated by the order are as high as “$100 billion,” although little data exists to support that figure.

It’s hard to understand why the left cannot see past their own nose on this issue. They are truly creating a horrible ending to our story by refusing to recognize the reality of things on so many issues.

Welfare is just simply not a way of life, but for so many immigrants it is and this is according to the Center for Immigration Studies. All immigrants, legal and illegal are more likely than native-born people to be on and utilize some form of welfare we offer in this country. Those who have U.S. born children make far greater use of the system than any other according this the study.

Yes! Welcome immigrants with open arms, but not open wallets…at least not without a plan to get them off of welfare and out making lives for themselves soon after. There has to be a plan for progression.

“He [Trump] would literally be taking food out of the mouths of babes,” Kevin Appleby of the Center for Migration Studies told The Washington Post.


Maybe what we should be doing is instead of handing over envelopes of cash to immigrants as they arrive, we should be connecting them with social service programs and a way to get themselves a job.

Here’s something I found interesting…

You cannot emigrate to Canada even from the U.S. if you do not already have a job, a place to live and a Canadian citizen to vouch for you.

Well…we’ll see how that stands after their Prime Minister announced his open invitation to all refugees. Things just might change then.

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