Trump announces genius plan for resettling refugees

Trump announces genius plan for resettling refugees

Shortly after President Trump’s executive order that applied his travel ban and froze the Syrian refugee resettlement in the U.S., Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced refugees were still invited to cross the border into Canada. If Trump’s executive order had not been overturned by the 9th Circuit, it would’ve accidentally made Canada take the refugees – and of course, have them fund every penny.


Speaking upon the topic of refugees, Donald Trump said he doesn’t want to accept refugees at this time due to concerns of terrorists infiltrating into the country. But he also believes that it didn’t mean that America would do nothing to help them.

Right after the executive order implementing his refugee freeze was signed, Trump met with Saudi King Salman to work on establishing safe zones for refugees in Syria and Yemen. It’s a whole lot cheaper to resettle refugees in Syria and surrounding nations too – $1,057 per refugee per year on average, verses over $12,000 to resettle them in the U.S.

As for those safe zones, the President made it clear that he has no intention of funding it.

ABC News reported on the story:

President Trump, speaking at a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday evening, said he wants to establish “safe zones” in Syria and other places instead of taking people into the U.S., and that the Gulf states would pay for those safe zones, saying that “they have nothing but money.”

Trump also continued his attacks on media organizations, labeling them “fake news” even as he continued to state information that is factually incorrect.

Trump repeated claims that thousands of people have entered the United States without vetting, despite the fact that legal immigrants and refugees go through an extensive process before entering the country. Trump has previously mentioned the idea of “safe zones” but has not specified that Gulf states would pay for them.

“We’ve allowed thousands and thousands of people into our country and there was no way to vet those people, there was no documentation there was no nothing. So, we’re going to keep our country safe,” Trump said.

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