Trump Begins to Pivot on Illegal Immigration

In the beginning, the only reason to support Donald Trump was his adamant assertion that he would deport most if not all illegal aliens and prevent more from coming in. Given that only a few years earlier he had denounced Mitt Romney for being “mean-spirited” by suggesting that illegals self-deport, it is astonishing that anyone took these promises seriously. Already the promises are in the process of being revoked:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump plans to present an immigration plan in Colorado Thursday that will include finding a way to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, according to three people who attended a meeting between the candidate and Hispanic leaders on Saturday at Trump Tower in New York.

“I really liked that Trump acknowledged that there is a big problem with the 11 million [undocumented] people who are here, and that deporting them is neither possible nor humane,” said Jacob Monty, a Texas immigration lawyer who attended the meeting. …

Trump told the group of conservative Hispanic leaders he would announce a plan to grant legal status “that wouldn’t be citizenship but would allow them to be here without fear of deportation,” Monty said.

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That is, amnesty.

“Trump is aware that he cannot deport 11 million people,” says Lola Zinke, wife of Ryan Zinke, a Republican congressman from Montana…

Really? Then why did he promise it over and over again?

For a while Trump toyed with touchback amnesty. But evidently that wouldn’t be humane either. Lola Zinke continues:

“It doesn’t make sense to force undocumented [immigrants] to go back to their countries to regularize their situation. Trump himself mentioned a possible solution: let them do it at the embassies or consulates of their countries,” she said.

We are talking about touchback amnesty without all the hardship of touching back.

Other people present at the meeting backed that idea, explaining that the candidate said he did not like the idea of forcing undocumented immigrants to go back to their countries to regularize their immigration status, and that it would make sense to allow them to do so without leaving the United States.

Listen and laugh as Trump’s latest campaign manager Kellyanne Conway sums up The Donald’s immigration policy with the phrase “to be determined” in this video.

Immigration hardliner Jeff Sessions, who presumably climbed aboard the Trump Train because he believed the deportation promises, confirms that The Donald is now “wrestling” with what to do about illegal immigrants. Trump himself says he is “working with a lot of people in the Hispanic community to try and come up with an answer.”

If you are surprised by Trump’s abandonment of the immigration position that he originally sold his supporters on, please get in touch. I am selling oceanfront property here in Arizona, and I would like to give you a special deal. Purchase a lot by midnight tonight and I will throw in the Brooklyn Bridge, a conservative Supreme Court nomination, and a degree from Trump University.

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