Trump Breaks Twitter Silence on Comey, “Complete and Total…” [VIDEO]

Trump Breaks Twitter Silence on Comey, “Complete and Total…” [VIDEO]

After James Comey’s testimony yesterday, President Trump feels completely and totally vindicated and you can hardly blame him. He did not Tweet during the testimony, much to the sadness of many people in DC who were filling the pubs there, waiting on a free drink for every time he tweeted. Liberals were also bitterly disappointed when there were no bombshells supporting their “Impeach Trump!” narrative. However, Comey did unmask himself as leaking his memo on Trump. Not good legally for Comey, but again vindicating for Trump.

President Trump pointed out what a leaker Comey is in his tweets. I have massive issues with Comey on all this. First off, he leaked a memo which is a security breach in my book and a violation of privileged communications between him and Trump. Comey requested the first meeting, so this also feels like a set up to me. He claims that he had a friend give the info to the New York Times on the 15th of May, with the story coming out on the 16th. The problem with that is it also came out on the 11th. Comey claims he released the info because he felt threatened by Trump, but that doesn’t hold water either. Trump came out of the meeting yesterday looking like he had told the truth… Comey appeared to be the typical lying, backstabbing DC weasel that he is.

From The Daily Caller:

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Donald Trump claimed “total and complete vindication” after James Comey’s hearing.

Though the president remained silent on Twitter for nearly 48 hours as the former FBI director testified under oath that he lied, defamed him, defamed the FBI, attempted to interfere with the investigation into Mike Flynn and fired him because of the investigation into Russian interference in the election, he issued a single tweet Friday morning.

“Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”

In his tweet, Trump echoed the statement put out by his outside counsel Marc Kasowitz shortly after Comey testified Thursday.

Kasowtiz said Trump felt vindicated because Comey confirmed that he told him he was not under investigation, but denied large portions of his testimony, including that Trump asked him for a loyalty pledge and suggested Comey ‘let Flynn go.’”

Trump, who reportedly only watched 45 minutes of the three-hour briefing, did not tweet or comment as Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

President Trump’s actions with Comey were unethical and ill-advised in my opinion, but he did not break the law. Comey, on the other hand, did. I think he was trying to set Trump up for a fall and all of this was planned. It didn’t work fortunately. This is why Comey should have been fired day one of Trump’s presidency. And if he’s lying and leaking like this, no wonder the FBI is having issues along with the other intel agencies.

Comey’s testimony is below. In my world, the guy is a coward and a partisan hack. The left won’t let go of this though and they will go for impeachment on the basis of obstruction of justice, which never happened. Their goal is to obstruct everything Trump wants to accomplish. I suggest that he find a way to not let that happen and fast.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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