Trump Comforts Harvey Victims, Accidentally Proves He’s Not Racist

by Sierra Marlee | September 3, 2017 3:54 pm

If liberals are to be believed, (they’re not, but for the sake of argument follow me down this rabbit hole) then Trump is a rabid racist who has only ever owned white crayons and respects the “White” House only because it’s white.

While the rest of us know that this isn’t true, it’s hard to convince people who see racism in everyday activities that this is the case. Instead, we’re going to let blatant facts do the talking.


President Trump and Melania decided to return to a Harvey-ravaged Texas to visit more shelters and get a better view on a situation that will take years to fix. During that visit, he proved that not only is he a “consoler-in-chief,” but it became incredibly obvious that he is not a racist.

While at the shelter, Trump talked with people of all colors almost as if he doesn’t hate them nearly as much as the liberal media would like you to believe.

In what is undoubtedly going to become one of the most iconic photos of his Presidency and certainly of this tragedy, a little girl ran up to the President, who picked her up and kissed her on the cheek while he and First Lady Melania smiled “bigly.”

Watch the video below:

He posed for photos with people of color without giving it a second thought. He was the President of everyone in that shelter, proving once again that liberals have their own rhetoric, but not their own facts.

It’s moments like these that pull us together as a country and really bring out the best in good people who want to do the right thing. America’s best is on display right now in Texas and all around the country with average people donating millions of dollars to help families they will never meet, rebuild houses they’ll never visit.

That is what charity truly is and that is what America is all about and if we can shut down false liberal narratives that are tearing this country apart in the meantime, it’s made that much better.

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